Putney Pensioner Reunited With His Wallet

Thanks to diligent passer-by & PCSO

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Recently, PCSO Henry from East Putney Safer Neighbourhoods Team was on foot patrol when he was contacted by a lady who stated she had found a wallet lying on the ground in West Hill Road SW18. He met up with her and took possession of the wallet that contained several hundred pounds in cash.

On later examination of the wallet, PCSO Simoni and PCSO Henry discovered a piece of correspondence that contained a telephone number which they called. The gentleman who answered provided his details but was convinced that he was in possession of all of his belongings. PCSO Henry however recognised the gentleman’s name and address as an elderly local resident who suffers from very poor memory who also has a wife who is almost blind and hard of hearing.

As a result, PCSO Simoni visited the shop on Putney High Street relating to the temporary store card and after explaining the situation the store staff were kindly willing to assist by providing Police with the name of card holder which corresponded with the gentleman who we had telephoned the previous day. The original finder also subsequently contacted our team stating that she had spoken to a male neighbour and discovered that he had indeed lost his wallet the other day, the same gentleman who Police phoned previously.

A couple of days later PCSO Simoni was pleased to be able to visit in person and return the wallet and cash in full to the vulnerable elderly couple. She also took the time to speak at length with them and provide appropriate reassurance as they were quite distressed about whole incident.

PCSO Simoni also obtained details for the couple’s son and contacted him directly to explain what had happened. Both the elderly couple and their son were extremely grateful to PCSO Simoni and PCSO Henry for their help in finding and returning the wallet.

Sgt Matt Snowden from East Putney SNT said,
“As a local community team we are very aware that there are many elderly and vulnerable residents who live on our ward. This is an excellent example of how we can make a direct and positive impact on the lives of these residents by reuniting valuable lost property with its rightful owner through the use of local knowledge and good old fashioned investigative work.”

September 8, 2010