Celebrities Become Captains of Team Give Blood

Encouraging people of all blood groups to help boost stocks by 30%

Team Give Blood

The National Blood Service

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Celebrities have lined up to become Team Give Blood captains to boost blood stocks for Summer 2012

Gary Lineker, Sarah Beeny, Jayne Torvill, Graham Bell, Greg James, Rachel Riley, Twin B and Saira Khan are encouraging the nation to boost blood stocks by 30% in time for a busy summer of sport.

The Team Give Blood 'captains', will encourage people of a specific blood type to donate ahead of the major national events coming up, including the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and London Olympics as well as major international sporting events such as the football European Championships.

The celebrities will help to raise awareness of the need for extra blood using their own social media profiles as well as appearing in campaign materials and mailers.

The Blood Service says that this year, it needs need donors more than ever before because of the need to be prepared in advance for extra visitors to the UK.

In addition, these international visitors will have a different native blood mix to our own, hence the heightened need for specific blood groups as reflected in each captain's target.

Past experience shows that major public events can disrupt regular donations. However, we hope that as part of the UK-wide keenness to be a first-class host nation for London 2012, we can draw on the Olympic spirit and together make a huge team effort to contribute to the goals to increase blood stocks in preparation for the summer's festivities.

Each of the celebrities will be championing a different , encouraging the public to be a part of Team Give Blood. Gary Lineker for example, is championing 0-, the universal blood type which can be given to people of any blood group.

Gary says: " My son wouldn't be here today if it weren'f for a blood transfusion, so I know firsthand what a difference your donations can make. I'm particularly championing donors who are 0-, the universal blood type. It can be used in emergency situations when the patient's own blood type is unknown, but with just 7% of the population having 0- blood, we always need more donors." find out more about blood groups.

Find out more about blood groups, and the celebrity captains here.

Here's where to find local blood donor sessions this summer:

Putney Leisure Centre on 10/6/2012
Wandsworth Town Hall 31/7/2012
London Mosque, Southfields, Mosque Hall 6/9/2012

If you would like to give blood, you can call the National Blood Service on 0300 123 23 23 or visit the website.

May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012