False Reporting Of Crime Crackdown

Wandsworth Police concerned about increasing bogus reports


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Two local men have been arrested and prosecuted by the police in recent weeks after making false allegations of crime to Wandsworth Police. One case related to a man who alleged that his car had been stolen following a traffic accident, and who then made a fraudulent insurance claim. He has since been charged with criminal offences including Attempted Fraud by False Representation and Wasting Police Time.

In another case a man falsely told police that he had been robbed of his mobile telephone which, following a detailed investigation, was proven not to be the case. This man was arrested and subsequently given a £80 Fixed Penalty Notice for Wasting Police Time.

Wandsworth Borough Police are concerned about the growing number of false reports of crimes by alleged victims, and are appealing on the public to support them in this matter. They point out that the false reporting of crime can be a criminal offence, which will result in the person making the false allegation being arrested and questioned, and in appropriate cases being prosecuted and put before the courts.
Detective Superintendent Campbell says: “We have always had tremendous support from the local community and local businesses. I would like appeal to the public to come forward with information and tell us about people making false allegations of crime.”
Wandsworth police are working with the local authority CCTV team, government departments, insurance and mobile phone industry experts to identify those people intent on making false allegations of crime.
They are concerned that false allegations divert valuable police resources away from genuine victims of crime, from patrolling and other operations designed to tackle those committing crime and causing harm in our communities.
Detective Superintendent Campbell says, “We are taking all false reports of crime extremely seriously and those who make such claims are committing a criminal offence. We are intent on identifying and arresting those people who make false allegations to us. We are working hard with other agencies to identify those people as they divert police resources away from genuine victims who need our help and from police operations targeting those people who cause harm within our community.
“We remain committed to improving our services to the local community, supporting genuine crime victims and to making the borough a safer place for all including residents, the business community and those who visit or socialise in the borough. People who make false reports and waste public money are undermining this aim. We will take positive action in all cases.”
People with information can call the local police anonymously on 0300 123 1212 or alternatively call Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111
November 19, 2010