Yoga Goes High Tech

As local company gets i-phone app

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Yoga Mama

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If you are pregnant and juggling family matters, a job and coping with the normal stresses of life you may find that a brand new yoga iPhone application will dramatically improve your ability to cope with whatever life deals to you.  

The new iPhone application which costs £1.79 was jointly developed by Yoga guru Cherie Lathey – founder of Yoga Mama – and Modu Technologies.  The app comprehensively takes you through a series of poses and meditations which addresses the common problem areas during pregnancy, building your practice to structured classes.

“Great idea, but I don’t have the time” ? 
Because Prenatal yoga is well known to increase flexibility, strength and stamina, alongside promoting and manifesting feelings of peace, calm and happiness you will find that making time is more than beneficial to your pregnancy, labour and your life thereafter. 

Furthermore, Cherie guides you in beginning a loving, nurturing relationship with your baby.  These physical and emotional techniques encourage you to flourish in pregnancy, prepare for strong, calm labour and establish a bond with your baby long before the birth. This new iPhone app will give you back the time you are chasing.


February 22, 2011