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The latest quarterly data from the Land Registry is showing that prices in the Putney area rose by 19.1% in the year to June 2007. The average home in SW15 now costs £498,976.

This is the highest number ever recorded and reflects a strong showing across all sectors of the market. The average Putney terrace now goes for £622,422 and if you live in the SW15 6 post code sector the average is £833,333..

The average was driven up by brisk turnover at the top end of the market. Multi-million pound houses in Roehampton saw particularly high activity but it wasn't just luxury properties that were moving quickly, local flat prices appear to have risen sharply over the last twelve months.

There is concern amongst many market observers that this may be the peak in the property market with increases in interest rates having little time to take effect the transactions that are represented in this data which is from the second quarter of this year.

Nationally properties were up by 9.2% over the last year to an average price of £181,227. London saw the average property costing £339,638 up by 16.0% according to the Land Registry house price index.

40, Flat 5, Carlton Drive  SW15 2DG 29-Jun-07
73, Flat 43, Upper Richmond Road  SW15 2SR 29-Jun-07
Garden Royal, Flat 24, Kersfield Road  SW15 3HE 29-Jun-07
79 Sylva Court, Flat 22, Putney Hill  SW15 3NX 29-Jun-07
4a, Vale Parade, Kingston Upon Thames  SW15 3PS 29-Jun-07
5a, Vale Parade, Kingston Upon Thames  SW15 3PS 29-Jun-07
Gilbert Scott Building, Flat F201, Scott Avenue  SW15 3SG 29-Jun-07
Portsea House, Flat 22, Petersfield Rise  SW15 4AG 29-Jun-07
152, Dover House Road  SW15 5AR 29-Jun-07
234, Huntingfield Road  SW15 5ES 29-Jun-07
Esme House, Flat 32, Ludovick Walk  SW15 5LJ 29-Jun-07
78 Sarah House, Flat 11, Arabella Drive  SW15 5LN 29-Jun-07
Wessex Court, Flat 9, Putney Hill  SW15 6BG 29-Jun-07
217 Percy Laurie House, Flat 3, Upper Richmond Road  SW15 6SY 29-Jun-07
Ormonde Court, Flat 13, Upper Richmond Road  SW15 6TW 29-Jun-07
7, Longwood Drive  SW15 5DL 29-Jun-07
Phelps House, Flat 2, Felsham Road  SW15 1DF 28-Jun-07
73, Flat 61, Upper Richmond Road  SW15 2SR 28-Jun-07
94 Mayfield Mansions, Flat 35, West Hill  SW15 2YB 28-Jun-07
28 South Court, Flat 8, Kersfield Road  SW15 3HQ 28-Jun-07
1, Brett House Close  SW15 3JD 28-Jun-07
Hartley House, Flat 10, Toland Square  SW15 5PD 28-Jun-07
Jordan Court, Flat 25, Upper Richmond Road  SW15 6TJ 28-Jun-07
Jordan Court, Flat 22, Upper Richmond Road  SW15 6TJ 28-Jun-07
Longmoor Point, Flat 20, Norley Vale  SW15 4BU 27-Jun-07
26, Hazlewell Road  SW15 6LH 27-Jun-07
17, Norroy Road  SW15 1PQ 26-Jun-07
18 Putney Wharf Tower, Flat 133, Brewhouse Lane  SW15 2JX 26-Jun-07
34, Atney Road  SW15 2PS 26-Jun-07
Bede House, Flat 9, Manor Fields  SW15 3LT 26-Jun-07
Clanfield House, Flat 7, Bessborough Road  SW15 4BJ 26-Jun-07
163, Danebury Avenue  SW15 4DH 26-Jun-07
Binley House, Flat 14, Highcliffe Drive  SW15 4PY 26-Jun-07
235, Lower Richmond Road  SW15 1HJ 25-Jun-07
Millbrooke Court, Flat 2, Keswick Road  SW15 2RA 25-Jun-07
62, Pleasance Road  SW15 5HJ 25-Jun-07
6, Flat 2, Oakhill Road  SW15 2QU 23-Jun-07
4a, Flat, Commondale  SW15 1HP 22-Jun-07
56a, Lower Richmond Road  SW15 1JT 22-Jun-07
69, Mexfield Road  SW15 2RG 22-Jun-07
184, Flat 3, West Hill  SW15 3SH 22-Jun-07
294, Dowdeswell Close  SW15 5RP 22-Jun-07
Millbrooke Court, Flat 41, Keswick Road  SW15 2RA 21-Jun-07
99 Gate Lodge, 2, West Hill  SW15 3SP 21-Jun-07
95 Forest Lodge, Flat 2, West Hill  SW15 3SP 21-Jun-07
Wildcroft Manor, Flat 44, Wildcroft Road  SW15 3TT 21-Jun-07
Somborne House, Flat 27, Fontley Way  SW15 4NA 21-Jun-07
93, Huntingfield Road  SW15 5EA 21-Jun-07
222, Arabella Drive  SW15 5LQ 21-Jun-07
Hill Court, Flat 58, Putney Hill  SW15 6BB 21-Jun-07
1, Bemish Road  SW15 1DG 21-Jun-07
1 Grosvenor Court, 28, Rayners Road  SW15 2AX 20-Jun-07
21, Commondale  SW15 1HS 19-Jun-07
1 Castle Court, Flat 43, Brewhouse Lane  SW15 2JJ 19-Jun-07
Ashton House, Flat 12, Petersfield Rise  SW15 4AY 19-Jun-07
165, Dover House Road  SW15 5AE 19-Jun-07
25, Wadham Road  SW15 2LS 18-Jun-07
451, Tildesley Road  SW15 3BD 18-Jun-07
95 Forest Lodge, Flat 1, West Hill  SW15 3SP 18-Jun-07
Allenford House, Flat 39, Tunworth Crescent  SW15 4PG 18-Jun-07
51 Lorne Court, Flat 9, Putney Hill  SW15 6RX 18-Jun-07
37, Festing Road  SW15 1LW 18-Jun-07
49, Flat 5, Dryburgh Road  SW15 1BN 15-Jun-07
1 Dryburgh Court, Flat 6, Dryburgh Road  SW15 1BN 15-Jun-07
35, Flat 1, Hotham Road  SW15 1QL 15-Jun-07
32 The Carltons, Flat 8, Carlton Drive  SW15 2BL 15-Jun-07
27, Flat 3, Disraeli Road  SW15 2DR 15-Jun-07
41, Flat C, Disraeli Road  SW15 2DR 15-Jun-07
Manfred Court, Flat 15, Manfred Road  SW15 2RT 15-Jun-07
Park Royal, 4 Apartment, Kingston Vale, Kingston Upon Thames  SW15 3RN 15-Jun-07
81, Hotham Road  SW15 1QW 15-Jun-07
7, St Margarets Crescent  SW15 6HL 15-Jun-07
23, Flat B, Lytton Grove  SW15 2EZ 14-Jun-07
55, Flat 3, Schubert Road  SW15 2QT 14-Jun-07
93 Stable Lodge, 1, West Hill  SW15 3SP 14-Jun-07
32, Medfield Street  SW15 4JZ 14-Jun-07



Copyright notice: All figures in this article are based on data released by the Land Registry. The numbers are derived from analysis performed by PutneySW15.com. Any use of these numbers should jointly attribute the Land Registry and PutneySW15.com.

December 13, 2007