Friday Night Curry From The Rajah Rowing Team

Gopal Araya & his team have raised the standards of Indian food at home

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Rajah Rowing Team
74 Lower Richmond Rd
SW15 1LL
0208 788 9964
Take away in Putney

Eating out in Putney


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On a wet and rather cold Friday all thought of the salad waiting in the fridge went out of the window when I saw three mopeds with the blue livery of the Rajah Rowing Team speed by delivering meals around Putney. I made a quick call to place an order - sadly delivery would take an hour so I opted to go and collect in 20 minutes.

The heavens opened once more as my 20 minutes finished so armed with a large brolly I strode out to the Lower Richmond Rd to collect our food. Sadly the meal was not quite ready - the staff were incredibly apologetic and the aroma did make me even more hungry - but the wait was worth it! There were over 10 staff cooking packaging and collecting payment - so it is most certainly a team, run by Gopal Araya who has built his experience at Bombay Bicycle Club and Holy Cow Restaurants here in the UK having worked around the world.

The onion (£3.45) & mixed vegetable pakora (£3.45) had lost a bit of crispness during the walk back but that was quickly rectified in the hot oven - with our order were two popadoms - I am not sure if this is a regular freebie or perhaps an apology for the extra 5 minute wait.

The Chicken Bhuna (£6.45) & Sag Ghost (£6.95) were refreshingly nor oily - not always the way with take away's in our experience. The sauces were a great blend of aromatic herbs and spices. The vegetables - cauliflower, potatoes, tomato & peppers in the Aloo Gobi offered were crisp & tasty (£3.95).

They can also deliver Indian beer with your meal - 330 ml of either Cobra and Kingfisher (£1.95).


Sandi Bloomfield

June 15, 2011