"Brilliant Brunch" At Putney Pies

Travel Blogger Cat Hughes recommends brunch as the ideal weekend activity

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Putney Pies

136 Upper Richmond Rd, Putney,
SW15 2SP
Tel: 0208 704 1117
Email: info@putneypies.co.uk

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I love a good brunch on the weekend; there is nothing like relaxing, sipping tea and eating a plate of hangover-curing food.

Putney Pies opened up in July with a bang – quite literally! Their oven blew up on the first Friday they opened; but after that little mishap the restaurant has gone from strength to strength. The place is now a popular dinner and brunch destination.

Pies may not your idea of brunch but Putney Pies has bought the ultimate in pie breakfasts to south London, and that is the full English breakfast pie. However, my friend and I did not try it mainly because neither of us actually likes a full English breakfasts (I know, we’re weird!), but judging by the amount of them which were coming out of the kitchen, and by the empty plates that returned, they must be rather nice, and I like the idea.

Now back to what we ordered. I chose the eggs Florentine, which was well-seasoned, and the homemade hollandaise sauce was creamy and complimented the flavours on the dish. My friend went for the Salmon and spinach tart, which was full of flavour and was just the perfect size for one to eat without feeling full. The restaurant also does an array of juice drinks such as carrot and apple juice.

The puddings are also a treat; the apple pie warms your heart up – I recommend this for the harsh winter days that will no doubt come. The Putney mud pie, which I ordered, was a little too rich for my taste and the biscuit base had a slight burnt taste to it.

The staff are friendly and quick. The atmosphere is relaxed; the kind of place you can read the paper over bunch or, as Putney Pies have free wifi, you can read the paper on your iPad, without feeling the staff want to you leave as you are taking up space.

This venue is all about good honest, fresh British food, and during my visit there we saw the fishmonger come in delivering the catch of the day and this is the reason why I will be coming back there one day soon but this time it will be for pie!

Cat Hughes


September 29, 2011