Thumbs Up From the Family At 'gourmet burger kitchen'

well the name says it all!

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James Bond had saved the world and we can lie safely in our beds at night but the kids (& husband) were hungry after the cinema trip and the general outcry was for a gbk!

Forgetting that the All Blacks had just "won" (putting it politely) at Twickenham we were greeted by a sea of black shirts with happy faces but luckily it took under five minutes to get a table - granted it was by the door and the draught was chilly - if you can get a table at the window or along the banquette wall you are well out of the draught.

The menu offers a variety of toppings for the Aberdeen Angus Scotch Beef burgers (£5.85 - £7.85) our choices were the Chilli for one, the Avocado & bacon (too big to eat the traditional way!) and the cheese with an egg on top for one of the boys, the other opted for the chicken burger (£6.10) - and the staff were not phased by the request to hold the salad and relish (yup the healthy extras) by our youngest (Meg Ryan eat your heart out!).

We also ordered portions of fat and thin chips - both crispy and an extremely garlicky garlic mayo.... chocolate milkshake (£3.50) (my son says"the best milkshake you can get!") and a fine Matahiwi Pinot Noir (£17.75).

The service was swift - for the uninitiated you place your order at the counter and pay up front and the waiting staff then bring every thing to you - our waitress was very smiley and from NZ - well what would you expect - the idea for gourmet burger kitchen originated in New Zealand.


December 2, 2008