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A day spent at Cakes4Fun exceeded expectations

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I walked in to the shop with nervous anticipation - art was not my forte at school so although I believe I can cook my food would best be described as homely in appearance not fine art!

The Ultimate Cupcake course is a popular regular at the Lower Richmond Rd shop/school - it runs from 10am - 4pm so not perfect for parents with primary school children but don't let that put you off - organise a tea date for your children as you wont want to miss this! (There are evening classes available as well).

The course was run by Rachel (pictured in white below) who was very welcoming and friendly soon putting all six pupils at ease with tea and coffee.

The pupils were from all corners of London and various ages and soon we were sharing our life stories and the reasons for attending the course! Sara was hoping to learn how to create glorious cupcakes for her forthcoming wedding, Amanda had recently been made redundant and was thinking ahead to potential business plans and if not at least her first child due in 8 weeks would have the best cupcakes at the birthday parties and school cake sales that loom ahead of her! Canadian Erin had taken time from studying and Annie a break from work - her office are in for a treat tomorrow!

The one step recipe was made by us - yes we had to crack 16 eggs and piped into large muffin cases (this stops drips on the cases and the baking tins and you get one more cake from each batch!) then these were cooked in the kitchen were an army of staff were baking and decorating wedding cakes - it is like stepping into Dr Who's Tardis when you step through the door at 100 Lower Richmond Rd.

Then it was time to create decorations for your cakes - I had assumed that the decorations came from the shop (yes you can buy them) and that we were learning how to use them but now even I can make a sugar paste bear and delicate butterflies but my water-lillies were more "road-kill" than Monet!

In the course of the day - breaking for lunch - we created glittering butterflies, water-lillies, hydrangea blossom and simple daisies, a teddy head (your choice of girl or boy) using various tools (all available at the shop) and three molding materials.

We also learnt about various icing types ranging from rich buttercreams and ganache, fondant icing and rolling fondant icing. Rachel gave shortcuts and tips long the way; for example did you know that using margarine rather than butter when baking your fairy/cup cakes you will get a flat surface to your cakes whereas butter gives the peaked cup cake that I have always got and had to cut off before decorating!

By the last hour your workspace is now surrounded by your creations and it is time to blitz the bare cakes with everything and anything you wish. We were all enthused and the words kiddies in a sweetie shop comes to mind as the creative juices flowed and glitter and buttercream were passing from hand to hand, swapping and sharing our decorations to help create some marvelous temptations!

At 4 pm we were ready to leave with 12 beautiful cakes in a lovely pink re useable bag, our certificates and a bag of tools of the trade following a visit to the shop to allow us to recreate again and again and again. Sophie was given the course for a birthday pressie and I have to say I am very jealous of her - what a glorious gift combining a day away from your usual routine, meeting a great selection of people and walking away with professional looking cupcakes all from your fair hand..... now I want to sign up for the buttercream flower course - no the large cake star burst would be a great birthday cake for a yes I really did make those.....! friend's big day..... oh decisions decisions!

Sandi Bloomfield


June 13, 2010