A Much Celebrated Win For Putney CC 1st XI

Saturday 1st XI vs Chobham


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Man of The Match:

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On the 30th June Putney 1st XI took on Chobham in a game that had to be won after an annoying run of winning draws. Chobham were put into bat after Putney won the toss, a rare treat.

Due to a late arrival, Lincoln and a hungover Chin (having just consumed an “athlete’s breakfast” which consisted of roughly his own weight in gristle, fat and grease) opened the bowling. Both bowled tightly giving the Chobham openers nothing. Despite this tight bowling the first wicket fell to an inspired piece of fielding from Bam Bam throwing from behind square to the bowlers end for a direct hit. 14/1. Lincoln (8-3-21-2) then struck twice in quick succession, forcing two edges which were snaffled greedily by Devon behind the stumps. 21/3.

GP replaced the now heavily sweaty Chin (8-5-12-0) and Piers replaced Lincoln and Putney encountered the first of the Iqbal brothers who had a good eye and was determined to slash at some tight bowling. Many runs came through the slips and over third man before GP struck twice in successive deliveries trapping Iqbal LBW then nipping one back in to take the offstump of the new bat who played no stroke. 67/5.

The second Iqbal brother came in on a hatrick ball and drove it straight over mid-off for 4, a confident stroke which was to be the hallmark of his innings. Iqbal continued to bat aggressively hitting some big boundaries and ridding his luck with 2 dropped catches while GP took the 6th wicket at the other end 104/6.. Piers (7-1-39-0) was being tucked into by Iqbal and replaced by JP who trapped #8 LBW and finished with figures of (4-1-26-1). 115/7. Anmol replaced JP and took the next wicket 156/8. GP (13-2-74-4) finally got his man Iqbal having toiled relentlessly and suffered 2 drop catches, caught by JP. 178/9. Anmol then wrapped things up finishing with figures Richie Benaud would have been delighted with (2.2-0-2-2) 179/10.

After tea and a siesta for Chin, Putney went out to bat and Devon was angry, Incredible Hulk angry, after our less than perfect fielding performance. Refusing to deal in anything but boundaries he raced to 50 in 13 scoring shots dealing exclusively in 4s. His undoing was scoring a single and he only manged one more, falling for 54 and Putney were 71/1. GP followed soon after for 16 (72/2) LBW having practically driven the ball into his pad.

It was GP’s turn to be Incredible Hulk angry and given the ball was no longer an option he took his frustration out on a poor defenceless chair which, after the assault, could only be identified by its dental records. Mitch was also victim of an LBW call falling for 0, Woody was caught for 5, Bam Bam was bowled for 0 and JP was bowled for 1 and we were looking down the barrel a bit after a strong start at 104/6.

Luckily, Dylan had held onto his wicket whilst those around him were losing theirs and was joined by Anmol who supported him well and put on 50 for the 7th wicket before Anmol was given LBW for 18, despite the ball hitting his chin and Putney were looking strong at 165/7. Piers (7*) joined Dylan and we knocked off the remaining runs with little trouble. Dylan finishing on 59* having played responsibly and timing the ball sweetly throughout and Putney celebrated a much needed win.

Piers Jackson

August 2, 2012