Buckleys Butchers Has Become A Parson’s Nose Butchers!

Same location, same friendly service, same delicious quality meats but now with shiny new surroundings!

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Family owned Parsons Nose bought Buckleys back in May 2008 and set about introducing free range quality meats and continuing the friendly and knowledgeable customer service. The team are enjoying a terrific following from the residents of Putney and it is clear there is a strong sense of community, some customers span generations which is a wonderful thing and something of a rarity these days. Brother and sister owners of Parsons Nose, Edward and Serena Turle moved to Gypsy Lane, Putney in 1976, attending All Saints School and remember the high street as it was then, independent shops within a ‘village’ feeling borough. Having just opened Parsons Nose in Fulham Road October 2007, the unique opportunity to invest in Putney’s perhaps oldest remaining independent butchers, was a chance of a lifetime not to be missed.

Parsons Nose endeavours to cater for everyone, be it popping in for two tasty homemade sausages for the kid’s supper or a beautifully succulent shoulder of Dorset lamb for Sunday lunch. More exotic orders can be taken plus a wide selection of marinated meats for quick and easy dining. Never without optimism for England’s sunny climate Parsons Nose BBQ selection will begin again soon, offering a variety of ready to grill meats for the hot coals, sending the smells of summer feasts wafting over the garden fence. All served with the friendly banter from Chris Hughes, the butcher, who welcomes all, greets regulars by name and offers any helpful advice you might need.

But why change the name? It is a new era for the shop, supported by existing followers of Buckleys but also appealing to new customers who were unaware of the new management team over the past 18 months. By investing in the shop’s interior and focus upon enhancing the shopper’s experience Serena Turle hopes residents will welcome Parsons Nose to Putney.

Same location, same friendly service, same delicious quality meats but now with shiny new surroundings! We would love you to come and see our new & improved butcher shop and Buttercup the cow will show you where we are. Let us know what you think by contacting us on info@parsonsnose.co.uk we would love to hear from you.

March 11, 2010