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Beanhunter places Lower Richmond Rd cafe in the top 10

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The mission of the Beanhunter blog is to find the best coffee spots all over the world and last month they rated Putney's Grind in the top ten most popular international cafes.

They aim to find outlets where the baristas and café owners truly take pride in their art, making sure the coffee is freshly roasted, using correct grind, tamp pressure, brew temperature, milk steaming techniques and the list goes on to ensure you get the joy that is great tasting coffee! Many of these places are tucked away down little streets around the globe & are hard to find.

Grind Coffee Bar opened in Putney in January 2010 by Dave Dickinson along the Lower Richmond Rd. It has become a popular pit stop & meeting place for Kiwi's, Aussie's and the discerning residents and rowers of Putney who simply want a quality cup of coffee served to them by a friendly barista and a tasty treat which is baked fresh on-site every morning  - 

Owner Dave Dickinson told PutneySW15: "I feel very honoured to have been placed in the top ten of Bean-Hunters Most Popular International Cafes, we go to great lengths to ensure our coffee is the best around, and we push our staff very hard to ensure they are consistently producing high quality. I feel very privileged to have such a highly skilled and passionate team of people around me, across all our locations. We are always striving to be better, and its rare that you find people who share the same passion you do for great coffee, food and customer service. Im super excited for for the future holds for Grind."

10 MOST POPULAR International Cafes

1.Anomali Coffee (Bali)
2.Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar (Singapore)
3.Knockbox Coffee Company (Hong Kong)
4.Toby’s Estate Singapore (Singapore)
5.Coutume Cafe (Paris)
6.Flat White (London)
7.Kaffeine (London)
8.Cafe Corridor (Hong Kong)
9.Grind On High (Auckland)
10.Grind Coffee Bar (London)

January 2013

See what they say about Grind on Beanhunter

February 6, 2013