Magnificent Mocha, Luscious Latte or an Amazing Americana?

Just Who Does Make The Best Coffee in Putney?

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A recent forum thread posed the question where one can find the best cup coffee in Putney?

Considering there are now more than 30 places on or around the High Street, is Putney a utopia for caffeine lovers or is there still room for improvement?

Pondering this issue and being unable to drink that much coffee ourselves, we decided to ask the caffeine lovers of SW15 to help us compile a top ten places to get your caffeine fix.

To get the ball rolling I’ll start with my favourite which is Cafe Nero who, in my opinion, make the best strong skinny cappuccino in town after the smoking ban it is no longer a smokey environment which previously was off putting. Followed by Moomba on Lacey Road if I am wanting a more relaxed environment for a longer coffee!

If you would like to nominate your favourite, email me on including the name of the establishment, name of coffee you order (though results will be decided upon number of recommendations for establishment), and the cost.

The only constraint on nominations is that the café / bar / restaurant must be in SW15. Results will be published in due course.

*Your nomination could make you a winner!! Based in Putney the Swiss Company Emmi are offering the winning nominator a cool bag filled with Emmi Caffè Latte.Emmi Caffè Latte is a premium iced coffee drink which is made from hand-roasted coffee beans which are specially selected from premium coffee plantations across the globe. The fresh espresso from these beans is then blended with Swiss alpine milk to create the delicious taste that is recognisable Emmi Caffè Latte.

Facts about Emmi Latte
* Emmi Caffè Latte uses coffee beans that are roasted with care. The beans are hand-roasted in Switzerland on a daily basis. The roasted coffee is turned into Caffè Latte in the space of 48 hours to make sure the maximum flavour is locked-in.

* Emmi Caffè Latte uses premium milk that comes from small Swiss farms where each farmer knows each cow individually (Daisy, Ermintrude, Clover and Florence to name a few!)

* Emmi Caffè Latte is available in three delicious flavours; Cappuccino, Macchiato and Classic Light.

  • Emmi Caffè Latte Cappuccino made with Nicaraguan “Valenza” coffee beans and then flavoured with chocolate to make a delicious cappuccino.
  • Emmi Caffè Latte Macchiato made with “La Felicidad” which is a select coffee from Guatemala with a fruity taste and full-body. Approximately every 30 years the region where this coffee grows is affected by volcanic eruptions which enrich the already nitrogen-fertile soil.
  • Emmi Caffè Latte Classic Light made withSantos da Lagoa” coffee from Brazil which has a particularly soft and mild taste. Emmi Caffè Latte Classic Light is low in sugar.

If you are not lucky enough to win the cool bag - you can find Emmi Caffè Latte in Putney at:
Waitrose, Tesco Express, and Sainsburys Local.

June 25, 2008