Late Night Parties Cost The Tenant!


As council prosecutes Roehampton tenant who made her neighbours suffer

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Anyone experiencing noise problems on a council-owned housing estate should telephone (020) 8871 7490. Private tenants and owners should call (020) 8871 7869.

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A Roehampton woman who made her neighbours' lives a misery with constant late night partying, must now pay £555 in fines and court costs after being prosecuted by Wandsworth Council.

23 year old Chelsea Quinn of Westmark Point in Norley Vale, was convicted of three noise nuisance offences at South Western magistrates court.

She was fined £210 for the three noise offences and ordered to pay £300 towards the council's prosecution costs. She must also pay a £15 victim surcharge and was fined a further £30 for failing to turn up in court on December 11.

The court heard that following repeated complaints about the late night loud music coming from her flat, Ms Quinn was written to and warned that legal action would be taken against her if she carried on disturbing her neighbours.

But these warnings fell on deaf ears and in February 2008, following more complaints, she was served with a formal notice under S80 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 informing her that if her behaviour did not improve, the next step would be an appearance in court.

Unfortunately, there was no let up in the late night noise and as a result she was ordered to appear before magistrates on December 11. When she did not turn up, the case against her was heard in her absence and she was convicted. The magistrates also issued a warrant for her arrest, and on March 20, she finally appeared in court for sentencing.

Wandsworth's executive member for housing Cllr Martin D Johnson said:
"Ms Quinn has been given a very expensive lesson. Namely that if you show no regard for your neighbours by repeatedly causing noise nuisance, you run the very real risk of legal action.
And this does not just mean an expensive day in court – in serious cases, some noisy neighbours end up losing their home."

April 9, 2009