Safer Neighbourhoods in Putney

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 LISTEN and act on what the public tell you

is the ethos behind Putney Safer Neighbourhoods and the increased roll out of police officers and PCSOs will see more communities being reached and their concerns over anti-social behaviour and street crime acted upon.

The seven wards regularly convene at their Putney police office to share information on the latest issues on their wards, like car crime or under-age drinking that affect the day to day lives of local residents.

Thamesfield’s Sergeant Mooney, said: “You don’t just deal with a problem one day and close the book on it. We keep coming back to deal with the problems and aim to solve them.”

All the Putney Safer Neighbourhood Team officers agree that communication with the people they serve is essential for the relationship to work. If you do not feel comfortable with police visiting your home, there are other ways to contact the safer neighbourhood wards: Phone, e-mail or arrange to meet a police officer or PCSO in a place you feel comfortable to talk.

PCSO Suzanne D’Cruze from the East Putney ward, said: “Don’t be nervous or afraid to talk to police. Any information you give us will be treated in the strictest confidence. If the police cannot help you, we will point you towards someone who can.”

Recent achievements include an operation against burglary and antisocial behaviour at Queen Mary Hospital, resulted in three arrests for burglary, reassurance to security staff and a reduction in incidents at the hospital.

Three people charged with violent disorder at an incident outside Park Tavern in August were convicted of public order offences this month.

As summer draws closer, the teams have already taken steps to minimise the annoyance made by Anti-Social Behaviour. By working with a local church group they have organised a series of activities to keep youths entertained and off the streets. The officers will also use their powers to seize alcohol from underage drinkers and will be checking up on off-licences they suspect of selling alcohol to youths.

A partnership with the Parks Police will make sure that King George’s park is there to be enjoyed by all.

Sergeant Brennan, said: “We are here for the public and by working together we can identify and tackle the problems and maintain Putney’s reputation as a safe and enjoyable place to live, work and socialise in.”

May 16, 2006