2nd post in Putney - a thing of the past!

as of today (Monday 10th January)


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Putney to keep second post - for now Oct 2004

To contact the Post Office with a complaint call 0845 602 4536

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In October we reported that Putney was to be given a reprieve and our second delivery continued, when the Post Office announced that they would postpone the introduction organisational changes in the Putney delivery network. Sadly it appears that the extension is to be a very short one as the second deliveries were halted today!

Edward Lister Leader of Wandsworth Council commented on this

"Sadly people in Putney have become so used to not getting a proper postal service that the 'announcement' of the formal end of the second delivery will come as no surprise.

The post office is an example of a public service which is just not operating to the standards people expect. Despite huge public opposition they continue to close the local branch offices on which so many people depend. The impression we are left with is that no one at the top seems to care - not the post office bosses nor the Government ministers who are ultimately responsible. "

Justine Greening the Conservative candidate for Putney is urging residents to voice any dissatisfaction with Postal service

"In other areas of London which have already moved to single daily delivery (SDD), such as Bow and Ealing, research has shown very high levels of customer dissatisfaction. Thatís why Iím concerned about this latest reduction of services.

I have raised my concerns about SDD with Postwatch, the independent watchdog for postal services and with the Royal Mail directly before Christmas. If customers are not happy with the lower level of service and find it unreliable, I would urge them to let the Royal Mail know by calling them on 0845 602 4536 and also to let me know Ė my email is justinegreening@putneyconservatives.com."

We are looking forward to receiving the reaction of the local MP Tony Colman.

December 13, 2004