Withdrawn Putney Exchange 'Pergola' Plan Will Be Revisited

BlackRock submitting revised proposals for further comment 'in due course'

Incipio's Pergola on the Roof plan


Comment on the 'Pop-up Pergola Proposal

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Anne Partridge, the Putney Exchange Centre Manager has confirmed that the original application has been withdrawn, but Incipio and BlackRock plan to reapply with a revised application as they believe a Pergola on the Roof would be "would be a terrific addition" to Putney.

The original application by Incipio together with BlackRock, the owners of Putney Exchange was for the creation of a restaurant and bar area which would cater for up to 500 people and serve food and alcohol late at night. If it was approved it would have resulted in the loss of 50 car parking spaces. Local residents voiced concerns on the forum of the Putney website, ranging from noise, loss of parking, behaviour on the surrounding streets.

Ms Partridge told this website, "Given the almost unprecedented level of negative comment in circulation on various forums in respect of the Pergola on the Roof proposals for the roof-top car park at The Exchange Shopping Centre, Putney, after careful consideration the applicant and Centre owners have decided to withdraw the current planning application for this development.

"Whilst, disappointingly, a lot of comment was ill-informed and inaccurate, not least because the proposed concept didn’t appear to be well understood, it is clear that the proposals triggered much debate and feedback understandably from those residents living in close proximity to The Exchange. Encouragingly, however, there was plenty of ‘in principle’ support for these proposals, not least from the local planning authority, many local residents and The Putney Society."

She continued, "Putney town centre faces some very real challenges, particularly from a retail perspective and the structural shift in shopping patterns that continues to evolve, and foremost in our minds as significant stakeholders in Putney is preserving and, where possible, enhancing the vitality and commercial viability of the town centre to arrest the decline in the environment that is there for all to see.

"We fully believe that the development of Pergola on the Roof at The Exchange would be a terrific addition to the current ‘offer’ in and around Putney High Street and so we remain committed to submitting revised proposals for further comment in due course, which reflect the constructive comments that have been received in relation to the current proposals. It is, therefore our intention to fully take on board such views and work closely and positively to address these legitimate concerns with a view to re-working the proposals for re-submission later this year to create an exciting, high-quality and well-run bar/dining concept for Putney and the wider community".

Thamesfield Councillor Rosemary Torrington told this website: "Thamesfield councillors are delighted and relieved to report that the application to install a Pergola on the Roof above the Exchange has been withdrawn. We are keen to see regeneration of the High Street but this was the wrong scheme for this site."

April 20, 2018

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