Expansion Plans For Putney Exchange Will Result In New Look High Street

The good, the bad or the ugly?!


Planning application

Comments on the forum

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Planning applications are likely to cause concerns to neighbours and local residents but at a time of nationwide 'economic difficulty' there is an argument that any investment in expanding local business can only be seen as a good thing.

Putney Exchange owners have applied to expand the centre to offer more retail and parking space but this does mean a change to the High Street facade as shown below in the planning application details:

A local resident told PutneySW15.com: " I don't think that people have realised the full impact of what the present planning application 2011/5639 is going to mean to the look of our High Street -
I think that the picture speaks for itself."

On the forum the consensus is not against the Exchange expanding but that the plans are "bland".

March 1, 2012