Accommodation Needed To Meet Students Expectations

University of Roehampton responds to the Save Downshire House article


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Roehampton Residents Say Save Downshire House

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The University of Roehampton is an internationally renowned higher education institution and an important contributor to the local economy here in Roehampton and more generally in the London Borough of Wandsworth.

To maintain this position the University needs to invest in its campus to meet the expectations of students and staff by providing modern fit-for–purpose academic facilities and student accommodation.

The University is proposing to develop new student accommodation on the site around Downshire House on Roehampton Lane as part of improvements to the facilities around all of our campus sites, increasing our ability to provide on-campus housing for students.

The University invited more than 600 local households to an exhibition in March so that they could preview, comment on and thereby influence the University’s plans for the Downshire House site before they were finalised. We also invited continued comment after the end of the period of consultation.

It is intended that the new buildings will respect the setting of Downshire House and make a positive contribution to the character of Roehampton Lane. Your readers should also understand that all of the architectural features that you refer to, including the formal gardens, summer house, balustrade and Downshire House itself will be retained as part of this plan and are not at risk. As a central feature of the planned developments the formal garden will actually be restored and made more accessible and safer.

Whilst 13 protected trees will be removed our plans also provide for 19 new trees to be planted on the site. We will also reinstate the Grade II listed sculpture ‘The Watchers’, which were removed following vandalism in 2006.

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May 21, 2013

May 24, 2013