Fifteen Storey Building Proposed For Putney Bridge Rd

Residents voice concerns about height and style


Proposed ariel view from Townscape report
Full application (2012/1833)

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Comments on the forum

Wandsworth has received an application for full planning permission to redevelop 45 – 53 Putney High Street and 329 – 339 Putney High Street for a building of part 15 storeys and part 7 storeys (plus 2 storey basement) to provide 3528 sqm retail (Class A1/A2) 389 sqm offices (Class B1) and 96 units of residential 10,808 sqm (Class C3), with associated landscaping and access works. Below is an artists impression from the Developer's Townscape report found on the council website.

The developers reports states that "the clear intention of this proposal is to intensify development, in the centre of town with a large and attractive landmark building. By their nature large buildings influence the quality of the built environment throughout a larger area than a more contextual building. It is essential therefore, that knowledge of where it can be seen from, influences the design in terms of massing and in term of architectural expression. High quality architecture is also essential,so that wherever the proposal can be seen from it portrays an attractive & meaningful contribution to the townscape fabric. In most cases, therefore, where it is visible it should be a virtue."

The report states that the 2 building currently on the site have "no historic or architectural value" and that they believe this is an opportunity to provide a building of high quality that would "add positively to the existing townscape".

On the Putney forum Alison Fraser said: "If memory serves, one of the things they're hoping for is a much larger M&S - a two storey store. That's great for Putney, as it should bring in more business...... BUT.. it's just SO big! page 19 of the Townscape Report will show you just how big it is. The design is supposed to be based on a rowing oar. There are going to be a lot of objections to this - just how can Putney's infrastructure cope with all these new developments? It's creaking at the seams now, before any of them are completed."

Putney resident Nick Evans commented: "It's almost unbelievably ugly (just go to page 19 of the Townscape Report to see what I mean - reproduced left). I do not exaggerate. I would be happy to see a more appropriate building on this site which reflects the architectural heritage of University Mansions and other nearby buildings, all of which do not go higher than 5 storeys. But this is not that. It is a real monstrosity, bulging out over everything that surrounds it. Just think of the negative impact on parking, roads, pedestrian access, public transport and the environment."

Architects plans show the 15 storey as seen from Putney Bridge Rd (top of a double decker shown on high street)

Consultation period ends 29th June 2012

June 15, 2012