Council calls for Thames Water improvements

Wandsworth Council joins a campaign to put pressure on Thames Water

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Wandsworth has joined five other London boroughs in calling on Thames Water to sign up to a ten point charter that aims to improve the company's services to Londoners.

The councils have pinpointed ten priority areas they want the company to address as a matter of urgency.

The ten point charter calls on the water company to:

1) Meet Ofwat leakage targets year on year.

2) Take immediate action to repair major burst mains. Minor leaks should be repaired within seven days of them being reported.

3) Provide a log of all leaks known to Thames Water on the internet for public access.

4) Provide contact details for the company's technical liaison officers to all London boroughs.

5) Deliver emergency supplies of water individually to residents in the event of a loss of supply.

6) Stop closing roads without prior local authority approval. No parking bays to be occupied without proper suspensions being requested.

7) Pay for the London boroughs to inspect 60 per cent of their works instead of the normal 30 per cent.

8) Provide “courtesy boards” at all Thames Water repair sites.

9) Improve customer service and ensure that call centres provide a rapid and well-informed response to all callers.

10) The company and all its contractors become committed members of all boroughs’ Considerate Streetwork Schemes.

Wandsworth has joined Westminster City Council, Islington, Lambeth, Kensington and Chelsea, and Camden councils in issuing the ten point challenge.

Council leader Edward Lister said: "Customers have been getting a raw deal from Thames Water and we want to see that change.

"Many people are growing increasingly angry and frustrated with the company's performance in a whole range of areas, which is why we have agreed this ten point plan to help the company focus on what its customers want.

"We hope that Thames Water responds positively to this charter and uses it to provide a much better service for millions of Londoners."

May 9, 2007