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This meeting will provide an update on the air quality challenge in Putney, most particularly on the High Street.

It takes place at St. Mary's Church, Putney on Thursday, 23rd October at 7.30pm.

Putney Bridge reopened on 26th September and with it we have seen the inevitable return of through traffic. This traffic brings with it serious levels of polluting emissions.

Speakers fall into two groups. Firstly, two leading members of King’s College London’s Environmental Research Group will talk about the health issues raised by poor air quality and how these pollutants are measured:

- Dr Ian Mudway, a Lecturer in Respiratory Toxicology in the Lung Biology Group

- Dr Ben Barratt, a Lecturer in Air Quality Science.

Ian will remind us just what it is in our air that can damage human health and Ben will tell us more about current air quality monitoring programmes and the outcome of a recent study of bus emissions on Putney High Street.

Secondly we will hear how the authorities at Mayoral and local level are addressing the air quality challenge:

- Elliot Treharne, Air Quality Manager at the Greater London Authority, will tell us about the Mayor’s air quality strategy

- Cllr Jonathan Cook, Deputy Leader of Wandsworth Council who leads on the Environment, will tell us of the Council’s current and planned initiatives.

Finally there will be a panel discussion including all four speakers, plus Andrea Lee, Community Engagement Officer (Healthy Air London) at ClientEarth, a legal advocacy group focusing on environmental matters.

The meeting is free to members of the Putney Society and £3 for non-members, offsettable against the first year’s subscription to those who join on the night.

October 9, 2014