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At a meeting on Tuesday 16 January of the Executive Committee of the Putney Society there was unanimous agreement that, as Chairman of the Society, John Ewing, should write to Councillor Edward Lister to add our protest to those he has already received concerning the proposed closure of Wandsworth Museum.

The Council’s own words in its “Strategy for Culture in Wandsworth” cannot be improved upon: “Museums and galleries educate, stimulate and fascinate. They satisfy our curiosity about the world and enlarge our understanding of the past and the present. They make a hugely important contribution to education and to the social and cultural identity of communities, as well as tourism, and preserve collections for future generations.”

The Putney Society opposes the closure of the Museum, and supports the Wandsworth Historical Society’s requests to Councillor Edward Lister for answers to the following questions:

Will decisions on 6 and 19 February be about closing the Museum or consulting about that and other options? Councillor Grimston said that “there will be consultation … At every stage we can take into account public response.” How much time will be allowed for consultation?

Is the proposal being made solely to save the Museum’s running costs, or is sale of the Court House part of the plan?

  • What annual savings have been assumed in the proposal, do they take account of the need to store all of the collection and replace some of the Museum’s educational activities?
  • What plans have been made for the Museum’s collection in the event of closure?
  • What account has been taken of the value of the Museum to local schools?
  • What account has been taken of the potential of the Museum to contribute to the regeneration of Wandsworth town centre? Has the Council considered the relocation of the Museum in the parts of Young’s Brewery?
  • Is the Council considering a scaled down Museum as an alternative to complete closure, as suggested by Councillor Grimston?
  • Has the Council sought sponsorship or any other sources of funds for the Museum?

These questions are ones which the Council should be able to answer now, so as to inform the public debate before any decision is taken.

January 18, 2007