Swiss Star Relaxes Between Matches With Ping Pong

No 18 Stanislas Wawrinka has rented a property in Putney for Wimbledon

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24 year old Stanislas, chills out with a few games of table tennis at his rented house in Putney ahead of today's Murray clash. The world No 18 told The Sun in a recent interview that he is a king when it comes to ping pong. He also fancies his chances against Murray on the race track.

Wawrinka told Ms Self
“Andy and I have been friends for four or five years. We like to practise together. He told me he is really good at go-karting so I need to challenge him. I like to play ping pong too but I haven't played Andy yet.

“We have a table here so I have been playing my coach and manager. Sometimes I play back home and when we are playing in the Davis Cup."

On the ping pong court hae has beaten Roger Federer and claims that he would like to challenge Murray to the table but that he would put that thought behind him when he steps on to the court at Wimbleon today.

“To beat Murray you have to play your best match. In the past 12 months, he has been playing incredibly. I play only one tournament on grass — and that is Wimbledon. I'm happy with my game on grass.”

July 1, 2009