Youngest Taxi Driver Gets His Licence

and he comes from Putney!

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Transport for London’s Public Carriage Office is to license London’s youngest taxi driver on 1 April 2008, a day after he turns 21.Casey MacLaren completed and passed the Knowledge in July 2007 at the age of 20, but is not legally allowed to be licensed as a taxi driver until he turns 21 on 31 March 2008.

He will be presented with his All-London ‘green badge’ the following day, allowing him to work throughout Greater London.

On average, it takes three to four years to be licensed as an All-London taxi driver but Casey completed his studies in just over two years.Casey decided to take up taxi driving as a career because of its flexibility which will allow him to continue to pursue his football career. His father is also an All-London taxi driver while his mother holds a Suburban taxi driver licence. 

There are approximately 25,000 licensed taxi drivers in the Greater London area.
To become a licensed taxi driver in the Capital, candidates must pass “the Knowledge” proving nowledge of roads and places of interest in London. As an All-London driver one must have a detailed knowledge of London within a six mile radius of Charing Cross. There are 320 runs which one needs to know as well as places of interest and important landmarks on the routes. With a Suburban license, a driver can only ply for hire within a specific area which is divided based on borough boundaries.

Casey MacLaren said: “I have seen how my parents are their own bosses and are able to fit in other responsibilities around working as taxi drivers - it works really well. I think it is also a rewarding career which allows you to meet people from all walks of life, and I am looking forward to taking the wheel.”

Transport for London’s Director of Taxi and Private Hire, Ed Thompson, said: “As well as Casey, a young woman of 22 has recently been licensed. It gives us so much pleasure to see young people choosing taxi driving as a career. We hope they have a long career ahead of them.”

Casey currently plays football for Hendon FC and from time to time gets back on his Moped to keep his knowledge of London up-to-date. He is planning on getting his own TX4 taxi after a few months of renting one and says it will definitely be black.

March 14, 2008