Soul Brother Records celebrates the record store

Visit them on International Record Store Day

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In this age of the virtual world and uncertain reality, it is reassuring to know that at least one familiar part of our culture is still alive and kicking (just) – the Independent Record Store.

The independent Record Store used to be one of the joys of high streets in nearly every town or city up and down the country. Sadly the Internet and the impact of the supermarket have undermined this once cultural icon. Record stores like the British pub and the high street itself are however in decline. Those that remain do so by providing excellent personal service and unrivalled product knowledge that the virtual world of the Internet does not replicate.

International Record Store Day on Saturday 18th April is a celebration of the record store, music, vinyl and CDs. It gives us all the chance to revel in a bit of nostalgia too and re-live the halcyon days of rushing to buy that new indie release or limited edition.

Soul Brother Records, in Putney ( 1 Keswick Road) are proud to participate in this celebration. They invite you to come down to see their extensive range of classic and new Soul and Jazz on vinyl and CD.

Customers are assured of a warm welcome as they celebrate the culture of the real record shop and experience the camaraderie and fun of meeting fellow Soul and Jazz fans in person. Browse through actual record sleeves and CD cases, chew the breeze and participate in the friendly banter that defines epitomizes our record shop. Everybody is welcome.

There will be special promotions that will apply only in store! Hopefully they will see you on the 18th ( Open: 10 a.m to 7 p.m.)

To our knowledge, they are the only Soul and Jazz specialist in the UK taking part in the International Record Store Day.

April 9, 2009