New Historical Sculpture Unveiled

to celebrate the history of Queen Mary's Hospital


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A landmark new sculpture has been unveiled at Queen Mary's Hospital, Roehampton, to celebrate the history of the hospital. The ‘Queen's Rook' sculpture was especially designed by local sculptor Simon Buchanan for the new hospital site and has been placed in the car park for all staff and visitors to see.

The sculpture's centrepiece is a rook which symbolises Roehampton's history. In the 14 th century the town was known as ‘Rokehampton', home farm where the rooks gather, and rooks continue to rest in Roehampton to this day. The piece also has an octagonal brick base with the hospital initials, ‘Q', ‘M', and ‘H' and stands over seven feet high.

The ‘Queen's Rook' sculpture is the latest addition to the Arts for Health programme, which aims to help improve health and well-being through artwork around the hospital. Other artwork at Queen Mary's Hospital includes the ‘Queen Mary's Reminiscence Mural', ‘ Liverpool tapestry', and the ‘Mother and Child' sculpture in the Courtyard restaurant.

The sculpture was partly funded by Catalyst, Roehampton, and St James Homes. The foundations and plinth were kindly supplied by the facilities company Sodexo.

Helen Jarvis, Clinical Skills Trainer at Queen Mary's Hospital, says: ‘ The new sculpture is very eye-catching and it's a real talking point amongst our patients. I'm sure both visitors and staff will enjoy looking at it for many years to come .'



July 2, 2009