A Look Back At An Afternoon of Verse


Gill Nurse a member of The Putney Verse Workshop gives readers a taste of last month's meeting

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May's meeting was a poetry writing workshop. We all provided objects of interest and wrote a poem about one of them that inspired us. Afterwards we read out our work and it was wonderful to hear the poems which had been written in such a short space of time.

Objects which had poems written about them included an electric plug with a cut off wire attached, a large radish, a knife, a mobile phone and some tiny golden angels.

Our group has been honoured by an invitation to The Putney Society's next meeting at St Marys' Church on Thursday 27th May at 7.30pm, at which our founder, Connaire Kensit will read some of his own poems and present others by well-known poets who have lived in Putney. This is an open meeting, which anyone can attend - you don't have to be a member.

This is the first stanza of Connaire's poem, inspired by some tiny golden angels:

Judgement Day

These cute little angels are playing their trumpets,
They're leaving their harps in their cases today,
Perhaps they have come to announce resurrection:
"Come out of your graves now, you really can't stay!"

Gill Nurse


May 19, 2010