Special Showing Of Fahrenheit 451

The Putney Society presents this 1966 film featuring The Alton Estate

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The Putney Society has teamed up with Ibstock Place School for a special screening of the iconic 1966 film, Fahrenheit 451. Based on Ray Bradbury’s futuristic book, the film presents a dystopian society where books are outlawed and ‘firemen’ like the lead character Guy Montag, burn any that are found. The title - Fahrenheit 451 – refers to the temperature at which paper burns.

Bradbury explained that his inspiration came from concerns during the McCarthy era of censorship and the role of dissent in an age of mass media. Both themes are still relevant in today’s digital era of information overload and fake news.

The 1966 film by French Director Francois Truffaut was filmed in the Alton Estate – chosen because its modernist architecture was a new model for living. The Putney Society is closely monitoring redevelopment proposals for the Alton Estate. Built by London County Council in 1950s and 1960s, buildings on the estate are listed Grade II* (the second highest grade) which is considered by some to be the finest low-cost housing development in the world. The film is preceded by an introduction by Richard Rogers setting out the original vision and architectural importance of the estate.

There have been various other adaptations of Bradbury’s book, from a stage play to a radio dramatization. Most recently, a new version of Fahrenheit 451 by the director Ramin Bahrani was shown at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

The screening (12 rating) is at The Theatre, Ibstock Place School (Danebury Avenue entrance) SW15 5PY at 7.00pm Monday 25 February.

Tickets are £5 – pre-booking required through www.ibstockplaceschool.co.uk/nt-live/

January 24, 2019


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