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There is an election this February for five members of the Board of Conservators, which, as provided by the Wimbledon and Putney Commons Act 1871, owns and manages Putney Heath, Putney Lower Common and Wimbledon Common—our most important local open spaces.

Thursday 16 February 7.30pm
Brewer Building,
St Mary’s Church,
Putney Bridge SW15 1SN

Commons Levy payers will receive the voting papers by post early in February. To vote, tick the boxes on the ballot form and send it off (to the Electoral Reform Services) by the due date. You have five votes.

Before you vote, come and meet some of the candidates.

They are: Jennifer Cooke, Diana de Coverly Veale, David Devons, Jenny Evanson, Edward Harris, John Horrocks, Andrew Simon and Robin Touquet. They have all been invited to this meeting. This is an opportunity to ask questions about the way the Conservators run the Commons and to decide how to use your votes.

February 17, 2012

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