Talk by Dame Antoinette Sibley Enthralls

Putney Music once again enters the world of ballet

Putney Music Society 2008-09

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Following on from their meeting with Debra Craine and Judith Makrell, Putney Music, this week, was again engulfed in the Ballet world.

Dame Antoinette Sibley in conversation with Clement Crisp, who is the Dance Critic for the ‘Financial Times’, provided a feast for the eyes.

Dame Antoinette illustrated her talk with DVDs of her dancing with Anthony Dowell.

Some showed practice sessions, guided by Sir Frederick Ashton, which must have enthralled any ballet students in the audience.

Other DVDs were of their performances of ‘The Dream’ and ‘Manon’, which were utterly beautiful.

There was a standing ovation from the audience delighted to have witnessed such magic.

The next guest speakers on Monday November 2nd 2009 are eminent mezzo-soprano Felicity Palmer, with Vice- President Ian Partridge.

Meetings usually take place fortnightly on Monday evenings at 8.00 p.m. from September to April. They last for about two hours with a short interval when coffee and cakes are available.

Meetings are held in The Dryburgh Hall, Putney Leisure Centre, Dryburgh Road, at the junction with Upper Richmond Road, Putney, SW15 1BL.

Eve Slocombe

October 21, 2009