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Over 16,500 cyclists took part in a 100-mile race from Surrey to London passing down Putney Hill to cross the Thames on Putney Bridge on the second day of the UK's largest ever mass participation cycling event.

London Mayor Boris Johnson completed the challenge in just over eight hours. He said:
"This is a great day for cycling, and for this city. I want to thank the organisers and the wonderful crowd who made all the difference as we cycled by, helping to spur me on to finish the grueling 100 miles in a respectable eight hours."

In Putney, residents clapped on the cyclists throughout the day, darting across the High St between groups of competitors to enjoy the entertainment dotted around the town and to carry out their shopping & chores!

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©Andrew Wilson on Putney High Street
©Andrew Wilson in Richmond Park
© Andrew Wilson on Putney Bridge

August 5, 2013