Can You Solve The Putney Meerkat Mystery?

Find 24 meerkats hiding in and around Putney High Street and The Exchange to win great prizes

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There are twenty four meerkats hiding in Putney Town Centre shop windows.  

The clues will help you find them. If you don't know ask Mum and Dad. The new ‘A Brief History of Putney & Roehampton' published by The Putney Society may help.  

Write down the name of each meerkat against the clue provided - When you have found them all put the form in the box in Waitrose in Putney Exchange

The first three correct answers drawn on Christmas Eve will win a prize. Make sure that you put your name, address and phone number at the bottom. These are the prizes which will be drawn in the Exchange outside Waitrose. 

1.   Gift voucher from Waitrose

2.   Gift voucher from Toy Stop

3.   Voucher for a Micro Scooter from Putney Cycles

4.   Art Acadamy voucher for Lacy Rd Gallery

5.    Membership voucher for Eddie Catz for three months


1 . Rush to Salisbury pavement, count the heads and spot which Meerkat is in one of the shops.

2. There's a Meerkat in a local supermarket which was the site of a munitions factory in the First World War.

3. This Meerkat came to see Sally to find out who said: “I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a right to live as the greatest he”?

4. This Meerkat became like a Fox in the town and found the estate agents where “time is like an ever rolling stream”

5. Which Meerkat went into this sweet smelling shop and discovered that the butcher once slaughtered sheep in the mews behind?

6. Find which Meerkat went to this public building which was given to Putney by a rich newspaper owner in the 19 th century.

7. Spot the hungry Meerkat in this establishment. They used to have a farm, and now are quite green.

8. Which Meerkat came here so she could beat her eggs to make a cake?

9. Which Meerkat went up an escalator, and stopped to look for playmates in this shop?

10. This Meerkat is in the shop where you can hop from one stone to the other to cross the water

11. This shop is causing quite a fandango and a certain Meerkat is getting all dressed up for Christmas

12. There's a Meerkat here trying out the newest models in this shop which would have broken all the records at the old Putney Velodrome.

13. This Meerkat prowled up stairs to play with his friends, the other cats

14. This Meerkat popped in here for pasta and a well earned rest looking out at the river

15. Which Meerkat rose early today so she might not have to wait too long in this supermarket?

16. The owl and a certain Meerkat set off from Putney Pier in a beautiful pea green boat. But before they did they came here to get some music.

17. Find the Meerkat who had to spend some time here removing the carrot juice from her whiskers.

18. Which Meerkat popped in here on the way to the station for a restorative cappuccino and panettone?

19. Which cool Meerkat is spending a lot of time here choosing the right flowers for his mum? He's going to wrap them in a yard of ribbon.

20. Which little Meerkat got in here early as he's a bit of a swot and likes learning more than the other cats?

21. Which Meerkat is getting all lit up in here for Christmas?

23. Find which Meerkat is busy in Lacy Road with her needle and thread?

24. Which Meerkat was feeling a bit down at heel so dropped in here as he was passing the station?





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December 21, 2009

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