The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability is a national medical charity NOT part of the NHS. It was founded nearly 150 years ago and provides treatment and help for people with complex and profound physical disabilities resulting from damage to the brain and nervous system. It is the only hospital in the United Kingdom which can provide the range of treatment for people with conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington's disease or serious head injuries. Our vital work depends upon voluntary donations. Thank you for helping us give hope and a bright future to disabled people.

Event: The London Marathon 2003  
Date: 13th April 2003

Competitor: Kate Caseley.

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Any queries please contact the Fundraising Team at the hospital on 020 8780 4563

Registered Charity No. 205907

Post this form and supporting cheque made payable to "The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability" to Rachael Jones The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, West Hill, Putney, London SW15 3SW.


Thank you