Knot A Putney Knitting Concert

Robert Bridge brings you a livestream from Fulham Palace

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This is not a Putney Knitting concert as you know them but a livestream of a concert by Robert Bridge from Fulham Palace on Monday 27 July at 7.15pm.

Robert said: "For those of us who have now forgotten what this means it basically involves getting a bunch of musicians together and performing some pieces of music. In my case I'll be joining cellist Jonathan Stallick and violinist Liz Baldey to play a Haydn Trio. I'm not sure what our trio is called, as we've yet to meet, but as he's balder than me I'm going for The Three Baldeys.

We are going to livestream from the Great Hall at Fulham Palace, reputedly the most haunted room in London, so there may be a few unexpected guests. We're starting at about 7.15pm when Jonathan will play the opening movement of Bach's G major Cello Suite, then I'll join him for The Swan by Saint-Saens and then all three of us will rip through the G major Piano trio by Haydn, known as the Gypsy Rondo trio. It will be seat of the pants stuff as our first-ever rehearsal will be at 6pm that night but I think it will be a lot of fun. We're live streaming on FaceBook Live and here is the link.

Robert continued: "I suspect you will need access to a FaceBook account. Now I appreciate this may be an obstacle for some of you who don't and are oddly suspicious of that nice Mr. Zuckerberg. But if you can join or can find a random youth who has an account please have a listen. It would be nice to have a decent virtual crowd. We have to finish by 8pm because that's when the ghosties have their Bingo evening so it will be short and hopefully sweet."

July 23, 2020


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