Thames Water Tunnel Information Sessions

Thursday 17th to Saturday 19th November 



The exhibition will be at:
The London Rowing Club
London SW15 1LB
17-19 November
2-8pm Thursday & Friday
10am -4pm Saturday

The Putney Society

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Thames Water (TW) have now launched their Phase 2 consultation process which runs through to 10 February 2012.  Their proposals contain a number of changes which The Putney Society has campaigned for, in particular:

  • Carnwath Road is now TW’s preferred main tunnel drive site for the West end of the tunnel instead of Barn Elms.
  • TW plan to use barges for a significant part of the delivery and removal of materials at Putney Bridge.
  • TW will bury the carbon filtration system required to prevent odour release at Putney Bridge.

Carolyn McMillan, Chairman of The Putney Society said:
"This is good news for Putney but it is disappointing that Thames Water did not take up our suggestion of a single drive from Battersea. This would have avoided a site at either Carnwarth Road or Barn Elms.  In any case we must not be complacent.  TW could change plans again so it is very important that as many members as possible respond to TW's phase 2 consultation."

The TW's exhibition of their revised proposals will be in the London Rowing Club on Putney Embankment from Thursday 17th to Saturday 19th November (2pm to 8pm on Thursday and Friday and from 10am to 4pm on Saturday).

If you are unable to attend,  detailed proposal documents for the Putney Bridge and Barn Elms Combined Sewerage Overflows are available on the Putney Society website and the full set of Phase 2 documents are available via the TW consultation website

November 14, 2011

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