Corbyn's First Question From Putney Resident

Labour leader chose six questions received from the public

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The new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's new approach to Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons this week included reading out a question sent to him by a woman from Putney.

Mr Corbyn's announced that he had emailed thousands of people asking them what question they would like see put to the PM. He said he had received 40,000 replies.

His first question "from a woman called Marie" was on the "chronic lack of affordable housing" and "the extortionate rents charged by some private sector landlords" an issue which Mr Corbyn has said will be his top priority.

Recognised as a 'revered and regular' contributor to his LBC show, James O'Brien contacted Marie - you can hear their conversation here. Marie told James that until she heard Jeremy Corbyn talk she had never been a member of any political party - that she had signed up to Labour (and persuaded her mother Brenda to do so as well) having heard Mr Corbyn talk as she felt he was 'a real person'.

She told James that where she lived she was 'completely surrounded on all corners by new massive flat developments' - flats 'for rich people' not affordable for anyone on an average wage. She had submitted three questions to Mr Corbyn.

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September 17, 2015