Climate Change in London: What’s to be done?

Putney Society/Wandsworth Friends of the Earth public meeting

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Sea levels are now rising 3 centimetres each decade. With climate change accelerating, ocean levels are set to rise much faster.  This will affect us in Wandsworth because over a quarter of our borough lies in the Thames flood plain.


  • What will be the likely consequences of climate change in London?  In particular for our children and grandchildren?  
  • How adequate would a much more ambitious replacement to the Thames Barrier be? 


  • What do the government, Wandsworth Council, and the public utilities need to do in order to protect us?


On Thursday, 25 February, the Putney Society and Wandsworth Friends of the Earth have organised a public meeting for members and the general public.  Please come.





  • Tony Bosworth, national climate change campaigner at Friends of the Earth, on the big picture in the wake of the Copenhagen Conference fiasco last December:  What is Government doing? Do climate sceptics have a point? What difference could the General Election make?


  • Mandy King, until recently Wandsworth’s Senior Policy Analyst (Sustainability), on  the Council’s commitment -- and concrete actions -- to cut its own carbon emissions, and its newly adopted Environmental Policy.


  • Kate Lawrence, Wandsworth Friends of the Earth, on the local FoE’s suggestions for the Council to take faster and more ambitious action, including accepting responsibility, as an increasing number of  Councils are doing, to encourage the whole Wandsworth community – business, public authorities and home owners and tenants – to take serious action to reduce our impact on climate change.


An extended Q &A session will. Local Councillors are being invited, and we look forward to a lively discussion on the practical steps that can realistically be taken, particularly locally, to avert the dangerous consequences of global warming.


The meeting is open to all.

Refreshments available in coffee bar afterwards.


February 19, 2010

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