Climate Caravan Arrives in Putney


in advance of the Climate Challenge Debate in St Mary's Church

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There was a small traffic jam yesterday afternoon on the Lower Richmond Road whilst 'Climate Caravan' arrived in Putney. They have traveled across London following its launch on Sunday 27th from Harlington Baptist Church arriving in time for the evening debate 'Turning the world upside down' - The Putney Climate Debate held in St Mary's Church, Putney High Street,

Hundreds of people have been and will be taking part in an incredible seven day journey across London, in a quest for a live able future. From the "malignant growth" of Heathrow airport, participants in the Climate Caravan will walk and cycle eastwards, converging on the Camp for Climate Action at Kingsnorth power station in Kent. Here the owners, E.ON, in collusion with the government, have "disastrous plans to build the UK's first new coal-fired power station in 30 years".

The Climate Caravan nears St Mary's Church

Jenny Ellis from the Climate Caravan said, "Everyone's welcome to come and join in – I'm really looking forward to the evening events. We'll be exploring a whole range of issues and ideas – from bikes to green economics!"

Andy Johnson from the Climate Caravan said, "The only way we're going to solve the climate crisis, is by
ordinary people coming together, to educate themselves and take action – the plans for new coal at Kingsnorth just go to show how the government and big business aren't up to the challenge."   

And after Putney?

From the 3rd-11th of August the Camp for Climate Action will be created in a field in Kent. With windmills to power computer suites and solar panels to heat our showers we will show solutions that do work. From expert speakers, to open debates, to practical skill shares there will be something for everyone.

Saturday 9th of August will see a day of action against Kingsnorth coal-fired power station.

July 30, 2008