Aled Jones calls for your support

of the local Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability


To find out more about the hospital’s full calendar of events, visit or contact Community and Events Officer Alex Lee, on 020 8780 4563.

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For many of us, Christmas is a time of music and merriment, and this year, for Nicki, this is especially true.

Last Christmas, Nicki, wasn’t able to sing in a carol concert, or listen to Christmas songs while shopping for presents. Nicki was at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability unable to move or communicate.

When she was just 24, Nicki had a fall whilst on holiday and suffered a severe brain injury, which put her in a coma.

From the programme of specialist rehabilitative therapies Nicki received at the hospital, Music Therapy has proven to be particularly valuable, and a year later she is able to talk, sing and communicate clearly. She’s even developed a new pastime and enjoys singing and to playing the piano.

Nicki (pictured left with her music therapist), Gemma Lenton Smith says, “Music Therapy has helped me learn to speak again. In a year so much has changed. I’m much more independent, and this Christmas I will be able to be with my family.”

The Royal Hospital has the UK’s only specialist Music Therapy department for people with neurological conditions and cares for hundreds of people from across Ireland and the UK each year.

Staff concentrate on abilities, not disability, so patients and families can look forward to a future where ability, independence and quality of life is maximised.

Each year, almost 12,000 people like Nicki will suffer a severe brain injury, and your generosity can help them find their voice.

I’d like you to consider supporting the hospital this Christmas.

The hospital is a charity, not part of the NHS, so without your support this extraordinary work simply cannot go on. Just £15 will purchase a CD used in a music relaxation session to improve a patient’s mood and well being and £35 funds one Music Therapy session helping someone like Nicki relearn how to communicate. To donate call fundraising on 020 8780 4563 or visit

I hope you’ll enjoy your festive season as much as Nicki and her family.

Thanks and with the season’s best wishes,

Aled Jones

Singer and Supporter
Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability
West Hill
SW15 3SW

October 19, 2005