The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Hopes, Fears and Opportunities

Thought provoking public lecture by Prof Jim Al-Khalili at Roehampton University

Professor Jim Al-Khalili, OBE, FRS
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How will AI change our world and are we ready for it?

Join physicist, author and broadcaster Professor Jim Al-Khalili, OBE, FRS for this thought provoking public lecture, on Tuesday 25 February from 17:45 – 19:00 at the University of Roehampton.

We have had the internet and the web now for 30 years and can hardly remember a time without it such has been the scale of the transformation it has brought about to all aspects of our lives. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will very likely have, over the next few decades, an even greater effect on society.

The coming of AI, robotics and automation have been called the fourth industrial revolution, but are we ready for it? What is AI anyway and how will it change our world? It is certainly much more than just clever algorithms feeding on the mountains of data we produce, so how will our technologies, our jobs and our daily lives change and what are the ethical implications of an AI-controlled world?

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February 10, 2020


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