Active-8 Community Event Raised Final £1000 From Individual Donations

3/4 of this came from Putney residents


Maloca Putney

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Active8 had a promising fund raising event this weekend - with the final £1,000 raised being from individual donations taking the funds raised over £5,000 which fully funds their first Active8 project in Putney.

Steve Cabrera of Jubilee Hall Trust said:
"To all the people who played a role in making this happen - thank you very much.  It means a lot to me personally that you have helped us."

Eight generous individuals donated and over £1,000 was raised; more than 3/4 of this total came from Putney residents.  These donations were matched by the Jubilee Hall Trust,  a London community health charity.  Both these donations were then matched by local solicitors Russell-Cooke.  

Steve continued by saying:
" Last but certainly not least, local social enterprise Maloca have committed their time, energy and experience in creating this programme (and will be running it for us).  We now have the funds we need and are ready to engage the kids."

What Happens Next
On the 10th of January Maloca will hold an event at Elliott School to introduce students to Zumba and Capoeira.  Students who would like to be more active will be invited to register their interest in Active8.   Twenty of these students will have three months to be more active. They will get access to a range of exciting programmes at Maloca for £1 a session.  They will also get individual support to raise their self-confidence so they are happier and healthier young people.

Steve said:
" Please remember that our intention is not only to raise money to help kids be more active, it's to foster new and stronger connections between individuals and their community.  This is your project and your contribution.  If you would like to become more involved or if you have any questions, please let me know. We are demonstrating the power of community to build a healthier London. This programme has been created and funded completely from the private and charity sectors."

December 9, 2011

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