Damon Hill & 2 Boats Challenge Needs Your Support

As 75 cyclists set out on an adventure from Putney to Portsmouth via France


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On Friday May 3rd, a wonderful group of 75 men and women, including 1996 Formula One World Champion, Damon Hill, will set off from the Boathouse in Putney, cycling to France and back, some 250+ miles in 48 hours, in aid of halow project, the Surrey charity that supports young people with a learning disability to become more independent.

Organised by Putney-based GM Recruitment, the riders aim to raise in excess of the £45,000 they raised in 2012! halow would like to thank George and Mark and all at GM Recruitment for this amazing venture.

Money raised will do so much for these young people - halow’s newest initiative is called “A Reason to Get Up”, which will engage young people with a learning disability in meaningful daytime activity within the community. Projects planned will give them gain practical and personal skills and help them make a positive contribution to their community. They will gain the same sense of purpose, satisfaction and opportunity for social interaction that other people gain from having a job.

Anyone wishing to support these riders should visit this link.

halow is grateful for every single pound that is contributed.

April 19, 2013

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