Cameron Announces Tory Bank Tax At St Mary's Church Putney

Home to the 1647 Putney Debates, the Tory Leader pledgs a "strong & resolute" administration

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On Saturday David Cameron came to Putney to announce:
"..... that a Conservative government will introduce a new bank levy to pay back tax payers for the support they gave and to protect them in the future," Cameron said. "It won't be popular in every part of the City. But I believe it's fair and it's necessary."

"Today, it's the Conservative Party that has the leadership, the energy, the strength of character to stand up to vested interests and make change happen."

A new Tory administration he continued would be "strong, resolute, taking on those who block progress so we see change through".

Mr Cameron delivered his speech at the church of St Mary the Virgin in Putney, south-west London – where in 1647 factions of the New Model Army and the Levellers held a series of discussions over a new constitution for England – known as the Putney Debates.

Citing historical precedents, he said: "It was only when people stood up to a despotic king that our rights first became enshrined in Magna Carta. And it was only when Parliament stood up to planters, merchants and ship owners that the slave trade was abolished."


March 21, 2010