Are You Brave Enough To TiCL Putney's Living Dead This Halloween?

Plan your 'trick or treat' trip by App


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This year people in Putney are encouraged to 'TiCL' their houses - if they would LIKE little ghosts and vampires who are accompanied by adults, to find them for tricks/treats.

TiCLing simply involves putting a candle/pumpkin in the window and (on Halloween Night itself) a message and photo of your house/candle/pumpkin on TiCL App (iPhone and Android phones)

TiCL App will show where 'welcoming' houses are, in particular showing its users which are the nearest, how far away they are and (with a fun little compass) how to get there. People who put their houses on TiCL can easily withdraw their house themselves from the scheme whenever they want eg when their tricks/treats run out.


* Download and register with TiCL App

On Halloween evening itself (not before!) AND from the actual location of your house:

1 (From the main menu) Press + in the top right corner

2 Give your House a 'Title' (make something up!) eg 'Vampire's Hangout'

3 You might like to add 'More' (but you don't have to) eg 'Knock three times and the door will open'

4 Add a photo of your house/pumpkin/candle ie something that callers will recognise as they get close. You can either 'add' one you prepared earlier from the library or 'Take Photo' now

5 Press submit (while you are in your house)

You can go back and change what you have written at any time. Simply press on it and then press 'Edit' in the top right corner - and 'Update' when you've finished editing.


You can withdraw from the event whenever you like. Simply press on your story, press 'Edit' in the top right hand corner, scroll down and press 'Close Now' (you will be asked to confirm)

TiCL App is the UK's first 'trail creator and navigator' App. It 'connects' points of interest in an area and facilitates navigation between them. TiCL Media Limited are the Wandsworth firm behind TiCL App. It is their hope that this free service might connect the living dead with people who would like such callers and reduce the 'nuisance' calls for those who don't like to participate in such Halloween games.

You can also take a tour of Putney Vale's Notable Graves

October 17, 2013