Conservative Mike Ryder Elected as Councillor For Thamesfield Ward

Replacing Sir Edward Lister former Council Leader now Deputy Mayor at GLA


Mike Ryder

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Candidate Party Number of vote
Marian Barbara
Green 202
Christian Michael Robert
Labour 1022
Michael John
Conservative 1497
Liberal Democrats 545

Mike Ryder, has issued a thank you - exclusively through Putneysw15 -  to all the voters who backed him. And he told us :
"I couldn't have done it without all the hard work and foot-slogging from our party members in the Disraeli and Riverside branches, and from much further afield, who went knocking on doors and delivering leaflets. And I'm grateful to Putneysw15 for giving me the chance to put my case to voters at the start of the campaign. The net is going to play a more and more vital part in local politics in I  won't forget that!"

Labour's candidate Christian Klapp said:
“I want to thank all those who voted in yesterday's Putney by-election. Two days ago I asked you to give the council a big kick – and a 13% swing is a pretty big kick indeed. I'm tremendously grateful for the support you gave me the length and breadth of Putney."

“I did not win, and I congratulate Mike Ryder on his election. He has a great three years ahead of him representing a very special place. That he was telling voters on election day that he too is now passionate about Putney is a mark of the impact my campaign made.

“If the collapse in the Conservative vote of almost three and a half thousand doesn’t tell
this complacent council that Putney is seriously unimpressed on a raft of concerns then
they will get more of the same at every opportunity they happen to give the voters to
express themselves.

“This was not a result that means Justine Greening will lose or council control is set to
end in three years. It is - just, possibly - the start of the way back to Labour being listened
to again. I was never going to win just about the safest Conservative seat in the borough -
but if I've shown a path for Labour to at least be given a hearing by voters even in our
most challenging areas, that's a far more long lasting achievement than one by-election
campaign. “Thank you again for your support, Putney: I'm humbled by it.”

July 2, 2011