Thamesfield Councillors' New Year Bulletin

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Jim Maddan, Mike Ryder and Rosemary Torrington Councillors, Thamesfield Ward, Putney
Jim Maddan, Mike Ryder and Rosemary Torrington Councillors, Thamesfield Ward, Putney, Wandsworth Borough Council.

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2016 is going to be a year of change in Putney town centre, and Thamesfield Ward councillors would like local residents to be part of that change process.

We are frequently lobbied by pressure groups such as the Putney Society, the London Cycling Campaign and Better Putney, but we want to know what the man and woman in the street would like see.

In the New Year, the council are introducing a ban on deliveries and collections in Putney High Street, between 7am and 7pm. This will prevent obstructions by parked lorries and trucks and allow a free flow of traffic, and experience shows that air pollution will reduce as a result.

Planning permission for a 16-bedroom boutique hotel has been granted for the site which was last occupied by Wahoo, and before that was The White Lion. It will be good to see this building coming back into use after being empty for several years.

Work is also due to start on the Top Shop site in the high street and the block which houses TKMaxx and Halfords, subject to the completion of various legal formalities. Let's hope that progress is also made on the former Dowell Lloyd Auction House at 4-6 Putney High Street, now that a new lease has been agreed.

For many years town centres across the country have been allowed to designate themselves as a Business Improvement District (BID). In a BID, businesses pay a surcharge on their Business Rates, which is then designated to be spent on whatever project they deem to be appropriate. It be might be increased security, improved marketing or more street sweeping. In some areas this can raise as much as £250,000 a year. Putney town centre is ideally suited to become a BID and the council are exploring the various alternatives

Hopefully the improvements to Putney mainline railway station at the end of the high street will (eventually) be completed in 2016 and we are still working to get a second station entrance in Oxford Road, to facilitate the transfer between the rail line and the Underground station at East Putney.

We would never claim to have all the answers to the problems of Putney High Street and we are always prepared to listen to suggestions. Some are practical and can be implemented fairly easily, some are impractical because of the cost or legal difficulties and other criteria. All suggestions will be examined.

We have various ideas of our own but it would be interesting to hear what YOU think could be done to improve the ambiance and attractiveness of the High Street. All three of us Thamesfield Ward councillors live very close to the centre of Putney, use the local shops and restaurants, go to the cinema and use the local public transport. We have a vested interest in getting it right! So please let us know your views by emailing and we guarantee to look at all of them.

Best wishes for 2016

Councillors Jim Maddan, Mike Ryder and Rosemary Torrington
Thamesfield ward

January 1, 2016