Thamesfield Ward E-Bulletin May 2011

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Jim Maddan and Rosemary Torrington Councillors, Thamesfield Ward, Putney, Wandsworth Borough Council.

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Welcome to this edition of our e-bulletin which we hope you find helpful and informative. Please feel free to forward this e-bulletin to friends and neighbours in the area who might be interested.



Thames Tideway Tunnel

Councillors Jim Maddan and Rosemary Torrington this week attended the working group organised by Justine Greening MP, with local residents, members of the Stop the Shaft Campaign, and representatives from Thames Water and the Council’s Planning Department to discuss the latest developments on the Thames Tideway Tunnel, as they affect the residents of Thamesfield.

The first stage consultation ended in January 2011 and resulted in TW looking afresh at a main drive shaft at Carnwath Wharf instead of Barn Elms. We continue to press for the former and a decision will be taken in September when Thames Water’s second stage consultation will begin. The responses of the second stage consultation will form the basis of a planning application which will be made be submitted to Infrastructure Planning Commission in the Summer of 2012, with a decision expected a year later. It is the IPC not the Council who issue permission and the Council will be making strong representations on behalf of local residents.

At EVERY stage of the process, residents will have the opportunity to comment on the proposals, and we will do everything we can to ensure that the views of the local residents are taken into account.

The site of the CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) directly under Putney Bridge is causing concern. The initial proposals were for a construction site, upstream of the bridge on Watermans Green with the legacy of an inspection chamber and a ventilation pipe, 10 metres in height, causing a blot on the landscape. These eyesores were compounded by the threat that all construction material would be brought by road and all the spoil from the tunnel would be removed the same way. We have made strong representations about this throughout and Thames Tunnel have agreed now that at least 95% of construction materials and spoil would be transported by river. The barges still have to negotiate Putney Bridge to reach the site and for this reason an alternative site downstream from the bridge is also under consideration. We are very concerned that any construction site upstream from the bridge will have a detrimental effect on the use of the river by river taxis, rowers, canoeists and local businesses, and this combined, with the inherent risks associated with barges having to negotiate the narrow spans of Putney Bridge, with its low headroom, make this site difficult.

It has also been agreed that the base of the ventilation pipe could be located on the river bed and would need to be no more than 3 metres high. Work is underway to work out if the ventilation equipment could be located out of sight in one of the vaults under the bridge. We will be pressing the IPC through direct representation and putting pressure on the council officers to ensure that whichever side of the bridge is chosen that the use of the river, the aesthetic impact and height of the ventilation pipe and the location of the ventilation machinery, become statutory conditions of any planning approval.

We all LOVE BARN ELMS and recently carried out a survey on the towpath. In a twelve hour period on Sunday more than 4900 people were counted. On Saturday 16 th July a major Rally will be held on Barn Elms with Justine Greening, celebrity guests, fun for the family and many other attractions. Please come along and join us to show Thames Water that they will not be able to steam roller their proposals through and we will fighting every step of the way. Please put the date in your diary.

Playgrounds in Wandsworth Park and Leaders Gardens.
We would like to reassure Thamesfield residents that there are absolutely no plans to charge children to use local parks or playgrounds in Thamesfield. Assertions to the contrary are misleading, untrue and we would not support such a proposal.

As Thamesfield councillors we lobbied successfully for the extension of the playground in WP recently and following a consultation which we carried out with local families and children in the playground, succeeded in securing new play equipment specifically in response to that feedback.  This was installed last year and funding for the equipment and extension did not fall to local residents. 

The pupils of Brandlehow School, a local authority school with an outstanding Ofsted report, make use of WP for charity runs and regular sporting activities. Local residents who know and frequent WP, will know how well used it is by children’s and adults’ sports teams at the weekends. There is, of course, no charge to use the playgrounds at either site, nor the WP playing fields.

The Council funds a comprehensive sports programme for all ages details of which can be found at

The brochure for the SUMMER FUN IN WANDSWORTH is now available with an action-packed programme of daily sporting activities for children and families for the whole summer holiday from 25 July to 26 August – booking opens on 4 July

Of additional benefit to Thamesfield residents are the playing fields at Barn Elms, a facility which Stop-the-Shaft, we and Justine Greening, are campaigning to preserve. Although in Richmond, Wandsworth Council took a lease of the Barn Elms playing fields and Boat House when Richmond sought to dispose of them and now runs the following facilities for children and young people.

“Barn Elms Sports Centre is a fifty-two acre, multi-sports facility, which hosts the Elms Gym, twenty tennis courts, AstroTurf playing surfaces and a whole range of grass sports pitches. Barn Elms Sports Centre is primarily used by schools on weekdays but is available to the public during school holidays, after 5pm during term time and all day at weekends and on public holidays. 

Summer: 3 senior cricket pitches, 3 junior cricket pitches, 10 cricket nets, 4 rounders pitches, 4 softball pitches, 6 grass five-a-side football pitches, 14 tarmac tennis courts, 6 AstroTurf tennis courts.

Winter: 7 senior football pitches, 2 junior football pitches, 2 mini soccer pitches (without goals), 6 grass five-a-side pitches, 2 AstroTurf five-a-side (hockey football) pitches, 6 senior rugby pitches, 1 junior rugby pitch, 5 netball courts and 7 tarmac tennis courts.”

Metropolitan Police to patrol parks
Policing of Wandsworth Park and Leaders Gardens
There has been a great deal of inaccurate reporting on the future of the policing of our valuable open spaces. What is not widely known is that the council has received a very good offer from the Metropolitan Police whereby for each police officer the Council employs, the MET provides two constables. Final negotiations are underway with a view to the new officers starting this year.

The officers, who will be specially selected, will be dedicated to patrolling specific parks and open spaces as part of the safer neighbourhood team. They will respond to issues in the parks and on the commons. The previous demarcation between the Metropolitan Police and the Council’s Parks Police is being replaced by a new, trained team.

Cllr Jim Maddan who has particular interest in Community Safety matters, has had meetings with Chief Superintendent Dave Musker and the local SNT, and he is satisfied that policing for the residents of Thamesfield and more widely in Putney, will improve considerably. At his suggestion the Fairfield SNT whose base in Wandsworth is currently closed for redevelopment and who are temporarily housed in the Putney police shop, have been persuaded to walk through Wandsworth Park and the Wandsworth Riverside Quarter on the way from Putney instead of taking public transport or driving. This offers additional policing in Putney Wharf, Deodar Road, the park, Prospect Quay and WRQ.

Crime can have a devastating impact on victims and local councillors have been proactive in tackling several issues. In one case, deployable CCTv cameras were used to tackle a problem of burglary, and in another instance measures were taken to make it impossible for ram raiders to break down the front door of an office complex. Both have been successful.

We must be extra vigilant at all times and make sure that our homes are secure. The warm weather is a time when windows are left open. Please make sure that they are secure. Please be very careful when walking along residential streets and talking on the phone. There have been several cases where phones have been stolen by thieves on bicycles. If you live in a block where there is an underground car park with electronic gates, take care to be alert for tailgater who are now following residents into underground car parks to steal bikes and cars.


Putney Bridge road surface

For several years leaking water from within the Putney Bridge structure has been causing problems to the carriageway and bridge waterproofing. There are six major Thames Water Utilities (TWU) mains running within the Putney Bridge. This has caused extensive damage to the bridge. However, for a long time Thames Water refused to take responsibility and said that the problem was not their pipes. This was frustrating but the Council persisted with TW and investigations have proven that this is TW’s responsibility and liability. It would have been pointless to replace the road surface before the repairs since it would have broken up again. The Council is now in the process of working with Thames water to work out how to repair the bridge in a way that problems with pipes are not repeated. The Council will then be able to make full and lasting repairs to the bridge. Some repairs will be made to the bridge ahead of the trial Olympic Cycle Run in August.


Surrey Classic Cycle Race – 14 August

Residents of Putney will have the opportunity to see International Road Race cyclists in a preview of next years Olympic Road Race on Sunday 14th August 2011. The race starts in Central London at 9am and will be crossing Putney Bridge at 9.10am before travelling up Putney High Street, turning right into Upper Richmond Road and then into Priory Lane and Richmond Park. The race then goes through to Box Hill before returning to Putney at about 12 noon along the reverse route. Next year two Olympic cycle race events will be held on the same course on Saturday and Sunday 28 and 29 July 2012. This year the race will be for men over the 140km course, which will be the women’s course for the Olympic event. The men’s course will be 250km and involve more circuits of the Box Hill section to make up the required distance. 

All roads leading into Putney High Street, Upper Richmond Road and Priory Lane will be closed to traffic from 6am until after the last stragglers have passed on the way back. Some other roads will be closed except for access. These include Putney Hill, Upper Richmond Road, Putney Bridge Road and Roehampton Lane.

We were initially very concerned to discover that none of the tubes would be working and with the High Street closed, none of the buses either. We lobbied Richard Tracey, our London Assembly member, thanks to whom TfL has been persuaded to keep the Wimbledon branch of the District line running to and from Putney Bridge and East Putney on the day of the race. South West Trains are also running an overground service to Putney mainline station so we hope that visitors, shop and restaurant owners and staff will be able to get to Putney on that day to watch the race.

The Partnership Board are arranging entertainment for spectators, residents and visitors to be provided in Lacy Road, by the entrance to Putney Exchange, with a steel band, a bouncy castle, face painting, cycling activities and refreshment in the local cafes between 10.30am and 1pm.

Air Quality

Two or three years ago Putney High Street was identified as having high levels of traffic fumes. At first instance it is clear to see the reasons. The high volume of traffic and particularly buses, combined with the narrowness of the street and the height of the buildings which created a canyon-like effect.

Local councillors urged the council to do something about it, and some air monitoring equipment was installed in the High Street near Montserrat Road, and subsequently a permanent system was installed in Felsham Road. The levels of traffic fumes are measured by scientists from Kings College and comparative data is obtained.

In order to establish the offending vehicles the scientists need to produce irrefutable evidence. The sophisticated equipment now installed can measure minute variations in levels of fumes, and when used in conjunction with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) equipment it is possible to identify the vehicle responsible for the fumes. If, as suspected, buses are responsible for a high percentage of these unacceptable levels of fumes, action will be taken against the bus companies, until they start to use cleaner buses.

Conversations have already begun between Richard Tracey, GLA member and Peter Hendry, head of TfL. We know that there are 106 diesel-electric hybrid buses across London and a further 123 on order for central London. We are campaigning for these buses to be introduced into Putney High Street and have asked for hydrogen buses to be explored as well. Local councillors have had meetings with the various bus companies and the owners of Putney Bus Garage urging them to move the bus garage and although they are willing to move, there continue to seek an alternative site.

Recent case work

In the run up to the Thamesfield by-election we have been out asking residents about their concerns locally. These are just some of the more local issues that we have been addressing.

Parking on Commondale at the junction with Lower Richmond Road: we received a petition expressing concern about large vehicles parking on the single yellow line outside Sadlers’ Gate and Wills Warehouse. This resulted in a hazard for cars turning into Lower Richmond Rd due to reduced visibility. We took the matter up as a result of which double-yellow lines are to introduced making it illegal to park here. The Putney and Wimbledon Common Conservators have been asked to check and cut back greenery on this junction to allow clear visibility. Committee paper can be found at

Collection of refuse and recycling for the elderly: An elderly couple whose house is located some way back from the pavement raised with us concerns about carrying heavy dustbins down to the pavement. They did not want to leave sacks out on the road which are vulnerable to foxes and rats. The Council provides an assisted collection service for rubbish and recycling which is free of charge and a member of the refuse team called at the house to organise this service.

Five day refuse and recycling contract: over the years people have raised the issue of the Saturday collection. This is a problem for those away at the weekend who do not wish to leave recycling and refuse out on Friday morning to advertise their departure to potential burglars. There are complaints about being woken early on Saturday. We have raised this point on behalf of Thamesfield residents on many occasions and are pleased to report that the Council is negotiating for a five day refuse and recycling collection to be introduced when the current contract ends.

Vans and cars parking illegally on the footway and cycle path at Prospect Quay: this has been raised as a hazard to pedestrians and cyclists. Cllr Torrington took the matter up last week and warning notices have been issued to the illegally parked vans. Using our riverside walk for parking is not acceptable and will need to be enforced if the warnings are ignored. The missing bollards have been replaced plus a new padlock to prevent this happening again.

Cllr Torrington has also raised the issue of the cycle path at WRQ. It is Council policy that all new Thames Riverside developments make adequate provision for pedestrians and cyclists. The widths of riverside walks on any new site should be at least 6.0m to include a 1.5m-segregated cycle path. Phase 3 of construction is underway at WRQ and whilst the riverside route is open and usable, it cannot be properly signed until the walkway/cycleway is formally adopted. This will happen when phase 3 of construction is completed.

Until formal adoption and signage cycling is not permitted along the length of the Riverside Walk/Thames Path except where appropriate signing and markings permit shared usage, for example adjacent to Prospect Quay. To clarify the cycle path we have asked for a sign directing cyclists via Point Pleasant just beyond Prospect Quay, and for appropriate signage for cyclists approaching from Point Pleasant to indicate the cycle path continues alongside the river and into the park by the river gate rather than the gate on Point Pleasant.

Residents in Prospect Quay were keen to install a cycle park on their development. We put them in touch with the Council which has funding this year for residential cycle parking. Funding for residential cycle parking is also available under TfL’s Cycle Superhighway programme for Route 8. The request for cycle parking facilities at Prospect Quay has been added to the list.

Jerrold House, Commondale: whilst out delivering leaflets, Cllr Maddan became aware that the intercom at Jerrold House was faulty and consequently organised for its repair.

Signs to indicate nearest public conveniences for Wandsworth Park and a wish to plant flowers: We have taken these concerns up and discussions are in progress with the resident who is keen to plant flowers in the park. In terms of toilet provision, the park is currently served by an automated payment facility on its boundary with Putney Bridge Road. The officers are in discussions with the operator of the café in the park with a view to including it in the community toilet scheme. We are still actively pursuing the matter of signage to the facilities.

Tennis courts in Leaders Gardens: residents of Ashlone Road have raised concerns about the use of the tennis courts by Lifetime Tennis causing noise in the evening. The 'tennis school' run by Lifetime Tennis was implemented to offer tennis coaching to borough residents, as well as providing some on-site management of the courts to which there is free access. Lifetime’s agreement provides that tennis be available up to one hour before dusk. A reasonable approximation at this time of year for dusk would be about 9:45pm to 10:00pm, indicating that under the terms of the agreement tennis is permitted until 8:45-9:00.

As the park is accessible and it is still light at 9.30pm and the courts are freely and readily available, and usage is likely regardless of whether it is Lifetime or not. Lifetime have been instructed to limit their activity to the times of the agreement and to be mindful of the concerns of local residents.

Helicopter noise: a number of residents have raised the issue of noisy helicopters flying overhead. Single engine helicopters have to follow the river for obvious reasons but twin engine helicopters can fly overhead. The air ambulance, police and military helicopters are not controlled by the London Heliport at Battersea. Any helicopter that used the Heliport is controlled and reports can be made to the Heliport. Flights are banned from taking off or landing between the hours of 2300 and 0700.

Cllr Torrington sits on the Heliport Consultative Group and would be happy to receive email reports of times, dates, locations and description of helicopter to take up directly with the Heliport.

Further details about how to address helicopter issues can be found at
Complaints can be logged direct with the Heliport at or by telephone on 020 7228 0181.

Commercial bins in Weimar St: We have received complaints about the placing of trade waste bins at the back of the Putney High Street restaurants in Weimar Street particularly the amount of rubbish left on the road and pavement as well as the unhygenic state of the road. We took the matter up and the waste enforcement officer visited the businesses in question. Monitoring will continue.

Replacement of gas mains in Fawe Park Road: We were concerned during a recent canvassing session in Fawe Park Rd to see large excavations around which the barriers had collapsed and to see that parking bays suspensions has lapsed preventing residents from parking due to work that has over-run. We took the matter up and an inspection followed. The barriers now have sand bags in place to stop them from blowing over. We are assured that the barriers are suitable for these types of works, and satisfy what is laid out in the 'Safety at Streetworks Code of Practice' and the officers will continue to monitor the site for safety.

We found it hard to believe that Morrison and SGN have a completion date of 02/11/11. They will be expected to meet this deadline. We understand that the works require this length of time due to the number of services to residents’ homes that have to be re-laid - 161 in total. Southern Gas Networks need access inside each property and work has to be done at a time convenient to the resident. For further information please contact Mr Don Ogunyemi on Tel No 020 8871 6712, e-mail

Marriage ceremony for a house-bound patient: There is more to being a councillor than dealing with planning applications, refuse collections and public libraries.  Sometimes you are asked to deal with matters of life and death. Cllr Jim Maddan was recently contacted by a resident of Putney who had been told that their partner was seriously ill and needed end of life care.  He was able to arrange for a carer to attend and look after them.  As they wanted to get married he also contacted the Registrar, who arranged for a Special Marriage Licence within 48 hours and they were married in their own home.

Merivale Road railway arches 2011/1141
Railway Arches 6 8 and 10 adjacent to 150 Putney Bridge

Cllr Torrington received a number of complaints from residents concerning this application for the retention of ventilation and extract dust systems at the rear of arches backing onto residential homes and the installation of a new ventilation duct. What’s more the applicant sought to extend the working hours by varying a condition which prevented Saturday working to allow the premises to also be open on Saturdays between 08:00 and 13:00 hours. The close proximity of what is now a manufacturing process operating on an industrial scale is quite unacceptable and we made this clear. As a result the applicant has withdrawn the application and the case has been taken over by planning enforcement.

We understand that the owner plans to remove the vents from the rear of the arches and relocate them inside the arches. 

Online library services

Residents are now able to access the full range of online library services 24 hours a day, including their personal library account and the book catalogue. Users can join the library, renew books, check items on loan, download an e-book, consult reference databases and access community information.

The council has a full range of online reference tools, including the Encyclopaedia Britannica, dictionaries, Oxford Art Online and Oxford Music Online, Who's Who, Credo reference and the COBRA information resource for people starting their own business. There are links to other useful websites, including the British Library, Enquire, which enables users to access a network of library staff who will answer questions around the clock, and an ancestry site that enables you to research your family tree. Readers can search for their nearest reading group, and read the borough librarians' blog, including book suggestions and snippets of news from your local library. Access the e-library at

Parish Action - St Mary's Church,
Thursday 23 June at 7.30pm
Leo Martin who chairs the Parish Action group which co-ordinates the social action of the parishes of St Mary's and All Saints in Putney will join Justine Greening MP and Tony Belton, former leader of the Wandsworth Labour Group in a Putney Society debate on THE BIG SOCIETY.

Over the last five years Parish Action has raised nearly £250k for its charities and been involved in many volunteering activities, most recently involving 50 people from Putney cooking food for 120 homeless people at Spires over the course of three weeks. Parish Action engages practically with charities rather than just donating money to them.

The Big Society encompasses many other issues such as The Localism Bill which could give local groups more power in running local services etc. A great opportunity to question all the speakers on these topics.

Wandsworth Big Society Fund
The Wandsworth Big Society Fund is a new small grants fund created from the Council’s reduced contribution to the London Borough Grants Scheme. It will fund projects which:

Encourage, promote and support active citizenship, civic action and volunteering. (Precedence will be given to projects which lead to more local volunteering efforts); Show how they support the aims of the borough’s sustainable community strategy, Our Wandsworth 2018, to make Wandsworth safer, healthier, more prosperous and sustainable;


  • Show support from within the relevant community; and


  • Draw in other resources from the community or elsewhere to complement the Council’s contribution; for larger grants (in excess of £1,330), as this will require match funding to be provided (see below).


Who can apply? The following are eligible:

An existing constituted ‘not for profit organisation’ or ‘civil society’ organisation based in the Borough of Wandsworth with an income of less than £50,000;


  • An unconstituted group of individuals based in the Borough of Wandsworth, which, in its simplest form, could be any informal group of residents, but also includes more formal groups such as a residents’ or tenants’ association; business association, cultural group; sports organisation; scouts, cubs and guide troops, parent/teacher association, etc.


Ward Councillor support: All applications will need the endorsement of a ward councillor and we welcome all suggestions from local groups. We will be responsible for signing off a project report necessary to claim the final 50% of grant. Applicants are asked to contact a councillor for the ward (in this case Thamesfield), in which the project or activity is taking place or where the applicant lives . ( or

Match funding: Bids between £1,000 and £5,000 will need to provide evidence of match funding. This can include in-kind donations e.g. discounted fees or rent as well as costed volunteer time. Sample applications have been prepared and are appended to the WBSF Guidance Notes, available on the Wandsworth Big Society Fund web page.

Timing: The Fund is now open for applications. The next bidding deadline is 17 th October.

Further information: The Wandsworth Big Society Fund has its own web page at which contains guidance and details of how to apply, including an on-line application form. Queries from applicants can be mailed to

Ranelagh Estate visit

An estate visit takes place on 16 August starting at 6.30pm. Local councillors will join residents and housing officers walking round the estate to discuss any issues which residents would like to see addressed on the estate.

Flood defence works at Ashlone Wharf (May to December)

The Environment Agency is undertaking flood defence works at Ashlone Wharf. Work lasts until the end of the year. Ashlone Wharf is a flood defence structure which manages the flow of water between Beverley Brook and the Thames. The wharf, which is located to the south of Barn Elms Playing Fields, is in a poor condition and requires repairs. Engineers anticipate the gates would completely fail within the next few years if no action were taken, exposing more than 450 homes to the risk of tidal flooding. Environment Agency latest newsletter has full details.  

A secure construction site will be created around the wharf and a temporary road will run along the edge of the sports pitches to provide vehicle access from Queen Elizabeth Walk. A small compound will be set up in the southern corner of the playing fields so vehicles will not be accessing the site through Putney roads. A map showing their exact locations is available on the council's website. Environment Agency officials confirm the riverside tow path between Putney and Barnes will remain open throughout the works, as will Beverley Brook Walk. 

Town centre update

Putney Pies, 136 Upper Richmond Road. These premises, previously known as Chakalaka, held a licence to allow the sale of alcohol and provision of recorded music between 10.00 hours and 00.00 hours (midnight) Monday to Saturday, 12.00 hours and 23.30 hour Sunday. The business closed and a new operator has taken over. The new operator has applied for a new licence to sell alcohol between 11.00 hours and 00.00 hours (midnight) Monday to Saturday and 12.00 hours and 23.30 hours Sunday. They have also applied to provide plays and films between 19.00 hours and 23.00 hours Monday to Sunday. The application for the provision of recorded music has been withdrawn.

The closing date for representations for or against the application is the 24 th June 2011.
Anyone wishing to oppose the application for the licence can e-mail To be valid any representation should give reasons as to why the granting of the licence is likely to undermine one or more of the licensing objectives of prevention of crime and disorder, protection of public safety, prevention of harm to children or prevention of public nuisance. All representations will be considered by the Licensing Sub Committee at a meeting due to take place on the 14 th July 2011.

The application is not within the current licensing policy with regard to closing at 1pm which would give an hour drinking up time which is not acceptable and representations can be made accordingly.

Welcome to newly opened ‘ Melvita’ organic beauty care in The Exchange (formerly La Senza).

A new fish and chip shop has opened at 86 Lower Richmond Road.

Refurbishments are currently underway at 58 Lower Richmond Road which is due to open as an antique shop, at 135 Lower Richmond Road which is due to open as Sam Bonnie Design kitchens and at 252 Upper Richmond Road which is due to open as Velosport Cycles.

Police/Safer Neighbourhood Team meetings

The next meetings in Thamesfield Ward will be as follows:

Drop-in surgery, 29/06/2011 - 18:00 - 19:00, Putney Library, Disraeli Road
Community event, 14/07/2011 - 12:00 - 13:30, Putney Lower Common
Street briefing, 24/07/2011 - 11:30 - 12:00, Disraeli Gardens
Drop-in surgery, 28/07/2011 - 18:00 - 19:00, Putney Library, Disraeli Road
Public meeting, 23/08/2011 - 19:00 - 20:00, St Marys Church, Putney High Street
Drop-in surgery, 24/08/2011 - 18:00 - 19:00, Putney Library, Disraeli Road
Street briefing, 30/08/2011 - 12:00 - 13:30, Hudsons

The Thamesfield Ward SNT Panel sets the priorities for the policing team to follow in addition to the standard police force priorities of robbery and burglary. The panel have recently changed the priorities to reflect the high level of criminal behaviour in the town centre:

  • Burglary
  • Theft and handling stolen goods
  • Theft and/or taking of pedal cycles

    To contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team - . 020 8721 2434 or on 07920 233924. In an emergency always dial 999. For all other calls to the Metropolitan police please dial 0300 123 1212. Register bikes and other valuables on to enable police to return it to you if it is stolen.

There are currently 41 Neighbourhood watches in Thamesfield covering 2,340 homes.


Events, activities and exhibitions

Big lunch road closures occur on 26 June for Redgrave Road (j/w Lacy Rd/Felsham Rd) and for Landford Road (j/w Earldom Rd/Epringham Rd).

Brandlehow School fete takes place on 26 June from 11am to 2pm at Brandlehow School.

Our Lady of Victories is holding a summer fair on 1 July between 3 and 5pm.

A knitting concert takes place on 26 June at All Saints at 7pm.

Local events are published in the listings pages of Brightside which can be downloaded at . Regular local events in Putney are given below.

Eddie Catz, above Halfords, has a good schedule of classes and activities for young children throughout the year with special events during half-terms and holidays plus mum’s networking events.

Putney School of Art and Design runs regular art courses, family learning classes and a certificate and diploma in art and design. Details can be found at
Summer term programme:

Wandsworth Symphony Orchestra performs several times a year in St Mary’s Church. Details of their programme at

Fibonacci give regular lunch-time concerts in St Mary’s Church. Programme details at .

Putney Theatre Company and Group 64 Youth Theatre at Ravenna Road have a regular schedule of performances. For details

Putney Music Society meets at 8pm in Dryburgh Hall. Their programme of lectures is available at

The Putney Society, the amenity society for Putney and Roehampton, organises speakers and debates on topics of local relevance to the environment. Forthcoming meetings at

The Half Moon run a regular programme or music – to joint their mailing list go to There is jazz every Sunday lunchtime from 1pm and families are welcome. Every Tuesday you can join the Half Moon pub quiz in the main bar with six people per team.

The Duke’s Head on Lower Richmond Road is offering stand-up comedy on Wednesdays. Doors open at 8pm, tickets £7 or £5 for concessions. There is a regular quiz night on Tuesdays at 8pm.

The sommelier at the Star & Garter on Lower Richmond Road hosts regular wine tastings and other seasonal events.

Cakes4Fun on Lower Richmond Road run regular cake-making courses, baking master classes, chocolate truffle-making and many other courses including evening classes.

Parsons Nose (formerly Buckleys) on Lower Richmond Road run butchering courses (half a free range lamb or pig) and sausage making classes.

Wills Art Warehouse on Putney Common, (Lower Richmond Rd) exhibits and sells affordable contemporary art.

The Russell Gallery on Lower Richmond Rd, exhibits and sells modern British art.

Regular daily guided tours and “feed the birds with the wardens” take place at the WWT London Wetlands Centre. Details from

The Putney Leisure Centre in Dryburgh Rd provides swimming and a full range of activities

Details about the Putney Sculpture Trail located along the river from Leaders Gardens to Wandsworth Riverside Quarter can be found via the link below together with places to eat and drink en route

If you would like to do some gardening but lack a garden consider the Garden Partners scheme run by the Council in conjunction with Age Concern. Volunteers enter into partnership with a homeowner of 60 or more to cultivate their garden and share the produce with them. or call Sarah Jackson on 8877 8946.

The Putney Senior Social Group for over 60s meets every Monday at All Saints’ Church, Putney Common between 10 and 11.30am. They offer tea and coffee and homemade cakes. If you know of friends or neighbours you think may be interested in joining call Jo Warren on 07970 280172.

Regenerate-RISE provides lunches, activities, outings and support for the over 60s, particularly those who are isolated. It operates from The Platt Christian Centre in Felsham Road. They also have a hairdresser open three days a week to anyone over the age of 60 at very reasonable prices.  They hold a cafe once a month on a Saturday open to anyone. For more information please email Mo Smith, Chair of Trustees, Regenerate-RISE at

There is a permanent exhibition about The Putney Debates 1647 in St Mary’s Church by Putney Bridge open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm .

Felsham Road recycling bank you can now recycle c ardboard, food and drink cans, mixed glass, plastic bottles, food & drink cartons and newspapers & magazines behind TK Maxx . Any residents, and particularly those who live in a flat with limited space to store orange sacks, can deposit the above items in the recycling facility throughout the week. As it is a residential area the recycling bank should be used ONLY BETWEEN 8AM AND 8PM.

Please don’t dump your old clothes outside the charity shops in the High Street when they are closed or dispose of them in orange sacks – they can be recycled in Scope banks at Putney Leisure Centre, Leader’s Gardens or Telegraph Road. All textiles including curtains, bedding, towels, handbags, cloths, rugs and mats can be recycled here.

 Useful Numbers:

Details of the Minor Injuries Unit at Queen Mary’s Hospital can be found online

or call 020 8487 6499/6999. Evening smear test clinics now available for women who find it difficult to get to their doctor during the day held at the Minor Injuries Unit every Tuesday from 5.30-7.30pm. The clinics are by appointment only to women registered with a Wandsworth GP. To make an appointment call 0845 6026292.

Do help us keep Thamesfield ward in good shape by reporting instances of fly tipping and graffiti as well as broken pavements and pot holes.

Waste services – including fly tipping, street cleansing, missed collections, recycling.

Tel 020 8871 8558 Email

Tel 020 8871 7479 for recycling hotline.

Graffiti removal

Tel 020 8871 7049 Email

Broken pavements, potholes etc

Tel 020 8871 6708 Email

Noise hotline Email

Tel 020 8871 6170 (during office hours)

Tel 020 8871 7869 (outside office hours)

Future Thamesfield E-bulletins
As your local councillors we send out regular e-bulletins to update you on local news, information on our work and things of interest in our local community. To join, simply email and type SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. It’s free and you can unsubscribe at any time by emailing the address below with ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line.

3 Summerstown, London, SW17 0BQ Tel. 020 8944 0378,
Promoted by Kevin Fulcher on behalf of Putney Conservatives, both of 3 Summerstown, London, SW17 0BQ


Jim Maddan and Rosemary Torrington Councillors, Thamesfield Ward, Putney, Wandsworth Borough Council.

June 22, 2011