Thamesfield Ward E-Bulletin October 2010

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Edward Lister, Jim Maddan and Rosemary Torrington Councillors, Thamesfield Ward, Putney, Wandsworth Borough Council.

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Welcome to the October edition of our e-bulletin which we hope you find helpful and informative. Please feel free to forward this e-bulletin to friends and neighbours in the area who might be interested.

Thames Tunnel
Thames Water has recently started a three month consultation on their proposals for a Thames Tunnel which will run from Hammersmith to Beckton Sewage Treatment Works. The consultation runs until 20th December 2010.

Thames water estimate that 39m tonnes of raw sewage is discharged into the river every year. This comes from overflows from the two main sewers which flow from West to East, one north of the river and one south of the river.

There are two proposed sites which will affect Thamesfield residents. The first and most significant is a large site just over the Beverley Brook on a large area of Barn Elms Playing Fields. The second site is by the Putney Draw Dock and Waterman’s Green, between Putney Bridge and Putney Pier.

The first site will be one of three major sites where most of the work will be done. The others are at Tideway walk, Nine Elms and Kings Stairs in East London. Work at Barn Elms will involve the construction of a road across the playing fields and a new wharf to facilitate the removal of spoil and the introduction of construction materials. This will have an impact on the playing fields themselves, the towpath which may have to be closed, for rowers and other river users who will be significantly inconvenienced. Work on this site will start in 2013 and take at least 7 years.

Thereafter TW propose permanent use of part of the site near the towpath to maintain the tunnel where they are proposing a ventilation column (approximately 15m high and 3m diameter) and a building (approximately 10m high, 12m wide and 20m long) to provide ventilation and filtering of the air in the tunnel. TW say they would leave the area around these structures as hard-standing to allow vehicle and pedestrian access for maintenance. They propose to soften this with appropriate landscaping. The Barn Elms area itself is located in the London Borough of Richmond

The second site – Waterman’s Green and the Draw Dock - will be used to construct a link between the new tunnel and the existing overflow under Putney Bridge which currently discharges 1m tonnes of raw sewage a year into the river. The work here will last for about two years and it is hoped that the disruption will be kept to a minimum albeit that the Draw Dock is an emergency evacuation point for casualties on the river as well as a point to discharge cargo vessels, particularly for the licensees in Putney.

Thereafter to maintain the tunnel, TW propose to extend the existing river wall to create a new area of hard-standing and a new, realigned, slipway will be constructed. The structures to be located on this new area would include a ventilation column (approximately 10m high and 1m diameter), along with a rectangular kiosk (approximately 1.5m high, 1m wide and 3.5m long) housing electrical and control equipment. TW say they would leave the area around these structures as hard-standing to allow vehicle and pedestrian access to this new area of river frontage and the relocated slipway.
Full details of the proposals can be found on
It is possible to respond to the consultation online at

There will be an exhibition in the Putney Exchange between Thursday 7th and Saturday 9th October.
IT IS IMPORTANT FOR EVERYONE TO HAVE A SAY ON THESE PROPOSALS. Your councillors will be working hard to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum, that sites are restored to their original state (or better) and that Thames Water stick to their side of the bargain.

Artists’ Open House
Two hundred artists’ studios are participating in Wandsworth Artists’ open house and will be showing and selling their work on Saturday 2 to Sunday 3 October and Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 October. Full information can be downloaded at . Putney School of Art & Design will be exhibiting tasters of artwork to be found on show at open houses in the Putney area during both weekends. Studios will be open throughout Thamesfield.

The Wandsworth Arts Edition newspaper - provides a fascinating insight into artistic activities and artists’ views in the borough. The Big Draw takes place on 2 October at Wandsworth Museum from 10am to 5pm.

The Wandsworth Arts team offers small and project grants to individuals and organisations The Arts team is looking for space for local artists to exhibit. If you can offer space please contact or 020 8871 8711. This could be bars, cafes, a business foyer or a gallery for hire.

Free School on former Putney Hospital site
Now that the Primary Care Trust has declared the Putney Hospital site surplus to requirements there is a very real and exciting opportunity to create a new Free School for local children of primary school age. The Putney demographics are such that we will shortly be facing serious difficulties to find sufficient primary school places without a new school. Space restrictions at the current schools in residential areas prevent any significant further build/growth on the existing sites. A very credible provider is interested in backing a Free School for primary children on the former hospital site. We are very keen to hear directly from parents who would be interested in sending their child/ren to the school, and/or to get involved themselves. Please could you email your contact details direct to us at; or

Please don’t hesitate to let us know your views at the same time. The demand in Putney for primary school places far outweighs the demand for secondary school places and the size of the site itself is too small for a secondary school for several hundred children, therefore the more viable option for this site is a primary school.

Network Rail Mast

The location on the disused viaduct behind Fawe Park Road chosen by Network Rail for its communications mast is owned by Network Rail and the mast is "permitted development". The Council has done what it can to object to the mast but is unable to force the applicant to submit a planning application. In the circumstances, the best solution would be to persuade the applicant to put the equipment in some street furniture which is aesthetically more pleasing such as a flagpole or something similar.

We are concerned that although the mast in within the permitted parameters, Network Rail have chosen to locate it on a bridge, at one of the highest points on the hill and it is therefore very much more intrusive. Apparently, this new network of masts comes as a result of the Clapham Junction disaster more than twenty years ago.
To sign the petition please go to

Recycling facility in Felsham Road (opposite the side of TKMaxx)
A new town centre recycling centre is opening in response to overwhelming demand by local residents wanting recycling made even easier. The new bank is designed for cardboard, food and drink cans, mixed glass, plastic bottles, food & drink cartons and newspapers & magazines. Any residents, and particularly those who live in a flat with limited space to store orange sacks, can deposit the above items in the recycling facility throughout the week. The central location should be more convenient for commuters and shoppers. As it is a residential area the recycling bank should be used ONLY BETWEEN 8AM AND 8PM.

Following research resulting from some recent case-work we established the following with respect to the disposal of electrical items (WEEE). The Council currently provide services for THE recycling of "white" goods only such as fridges and washing machines collected via the Council’s chargeable service for bullky items, and for household batteries.

Producer responsibility legislation now requires manufacturers and retailers to achieve minimum levels of recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (known as "WEEE") and to provide take back facilities for similar WEEE when new goods are purchased. Putney residents should be able to take advantage of this at local electrical retailers such as Currys and Maplins. Advice for residents on what to do with WEEE is provided on the Council's web site at:

Paint recycling - residents can have paint collected for free via the hazardous waste collection service provided via the Corporation of London and can request or donate waste paint via "Community RePaint: Advice is provided on the Council's web site at:

Other advice includes continuing to store it until you find a use for it, offering it for free give-away e.g. on, or allowing it to dry out so that it can be included with other solid household waste for collection by the Council. The "hazardous waste" status of paint combined with restrictions on storing hazardous waste at WRWA's facilities at Smugglers Way and Cringle Street prevents them from providing a service for this.

Any domestic WEEE or solidified paint included with residual household waste will go to the Belvedere energy from waste incinerator once this becomes operational (expected early 2011).

There is a textile recycling bank provided at Putney Leisure Centre.

Batteries can be recycled in the Library and some High Street shops, light bulbs can be recycled at Ryness in the High Street and several shoe shops recycle shoes and opticians recycle spectacles. Charity shops on the High Street take books, CDs, DVD, bric-a-brac etc. Mobile phones and inkjet cartridges can be sent free of charge to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home for recycling and this helps them to raise funds
The Felsham Road facility is in addition to those in Leaders’ Gardens and Dryburgh Leisure Centre.

Lifts at Putney station
Following a query prompted by our September ebulletin we have made enquiries about lifts at Putney station. Network Rail have advised that they are still intending to go ahead with the proposed lifts at Putney Station, and they have the support of the Department for Transport who are ultimately responsible for Network Rail's Access for All Programme. An implementation date is likely to be announced shortly and we will report further.
So far as East Putney Station is concerned London Underground has said:
"While we would very much like to make East Putney station step-free, there are currently no plans to do so. We had an aspiration to install lifts at this station by 2012, but in July 2007 Metronet, the private contractor which was at that time responsible for maintenance and upgrade of the Tube, went into administration and the scheme was deferred indefinitely. Since then, London Underground’s funding situation has worsened as a result of the general economic malaise and the costs arising from our eventual takeover of Metronet. As a result, there is no prospect of this scheme being revived in the near or medium term.”

We understand that the DDA legislation tends to be more applicable to new stations where lifts are incorporated into the design. In terms of existing stations Network Rail and London Underground are working towards making more stations accessible, but this will take a considerable time, if ever achieved, due to the enormous cost and engineering complexity in retrofitting lifts into existing operational stations.

Network Rail have said that there will be NO changes to the opening hours of the ticket office at Putney Station.

Recent planning news

The developer of the Oracle site opposite East Putney station is holding a ‘Design Workshop’ for representatives of local groups on Thursday 14 October at Putney Library, 5/7 Disraeli Road, from 7.30pm – 9.30pm, where Adam Hall of FCH Architects will be going through the way in which he has approached the redevelopment of the site for a mixed-use development comprising residential, office, retail, restaurant/cafe uses and a high quality landscaped public realm.

Carlson House, 266 Upper Richmond Road (2010/3094) The planning committee approved the application for change of use of ground to third floors of Carlson House to primary care health unit (class D1 use) together with a single-storey rear extension. The Putneymead medical centre, Balmuir Gardens surgery and the late Dr Aaron’s surgery will be located in these new premises. Carlson House is a central location well served by public transport and within close vicinity to patients attending the existing surgeries. Community services will be provided for all three surgeries out of the Eileen Lecky clinic.

Putney Embankment and Deodar Road Consultation on conservation area character statements
Residents are urged to respond to the consultation if they wish to have a say on these two conservation areas. All comments should be sent ASAP to Justine Page, Conservation, Design & Development team, Wandsworth Council, Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street, London SW18 2PU or or telephone 8871 6646.

The proposals include an extension of the Putney Embankment conservation area to include Church Square and Putney Wharf Tower in the conservation area. Views are sought on the removal of the eastern wharf building in Putney Wharf. This is currently included in the conservation area.

Local listings are proposed for Star & Garter Mansions, the former Aylings boatyard (now Chas Newens Marine), London and Thames Rowing Clubs, the Bricklayers’ Arms and a terrace of 18th century houses (Nos 32-36) on the High Street. In Deodar Road 109-115 (formerly Riversdale, a Regency house from the 1850s) and Putney Railway Bridge, both are proposed for local listing.

The public meeting was well attended and the consultation runs until 1 October although comments will still be accepted after that date. Please feel free to copy us into any comments. The consultations drafts can be downloaded:
Deodar Road:
Putney Embankment:

Two conservation area grants have recently been approved. £4,120 was approved towards the reinstatement of original style windows at 8 Rockland Road (in the Oxford Rd CA) and £1,173 also for the reinstatement of original style front windows at 28 Spencer Walk (in the Charlwood Rd CA).

253-255 Putney Bridge Road (2009/3929)
Revisions have been received to this planning application. All the existing buildings on site will be demolished. The proposal is a mix of commercial and residential development situated around a courtyard. To the rear are five 4-storey houses, three levels above ground level, with a 4-storey building to the street containing two shop units (A1), three B1 units and two residential units.

To the side an existing building, which relates to the railway arches, is retained. The windows to the side elevation will be angled away from the railway line and will be triple glazed to reduce invasive noise. The top floor of this development will be two 2-storey residential units. Below this are three commercial units with the two shop units on the ground floor. The courtyard is accessed through an arch in the front block with one parking space for each residential unit with three spaces for the commercial unit. At the rear of the site are the seven town houses. These are arranged on four levels. The living space at the rear is a storey and a half in height and is fully glazed onto the garden. The rear of the development backs on to Oxford Rd, Esmond Street and Winthorpe Road, all in the Oxford Rd conservation area.

8 Lower Common South
The planning committee recently approved plans for the replacement of the three storey house that was demolished without permission. The plans were the same as those previously approved in April 2010. Three objections had been made in response to the consultation.

We have asked about the details of the original façade with the Council’s conservation design team and understand that the only feature omitted is the half-timbering and that this feature is an oddity in this particular group of houses. Apparently, No.8 was a curious house in the context of the whole group and lacked comparable detailed, decorative brickwork. At the time, i.e. 1885, the rendered and half-timbered finish would have been much cheaper to build than the high quality brick used by all the neighbours. During the intervening years an extension had been added that was of poor quality and out of keeping with the conservation area. The applicant’s architect proposes a new façade for this building that aims to combine the large scale elements and the decorative features found typically on the other detached houses in Lower Common South.

The unauthorised demolition is a completely separate issue covered by enforcement. The planning committee considered a report on the case at their August meeting (report - The planning committee authorised the borough solicitor to look at instigating criminal proceedings.

South-eastern flank wall of 217 Putney Bridge Road
(corner of Bective Rd) (2002/0616/ENF) The planning inspector has upheld the Council’s enforcement action to discontinue the use of the site for the display of advertisements because the hoarding causes a substantial injury to amenity and is dominant and out of scale.

Putney Bridge
The floodlights on Putney Bridge are now working and have been fully tested without mishap. Negotiations with Thames Water (again) are ongoing. This is the latest from the Borough Engineer:
“After applying some high level pressure I met with the contract manager for Thames Water on 13th August. Following a positive meeting TWU promised to carry out some more tests on the water main leaks that we say are present. This would involve shutting down each of the mains one at a time (there are 6 mains in total), in order to ascertain once and for all where the leaks are coming from. This has not been done before because of the potential disruption involved. It has now been some weeks since that meeting and I chased TW again for a progress update but unfortunately I have not had a response yet. I will now escalate this again to Director level at Thames Water. In the meantime I have asked the team to get on with the design work for the repair of the bridge to include waterproof membrane replacement, water management and resurfacing. By water management I mean finding an engineering solution to all water issues so that even if a water main leaks in future it will not adversely affect the bridge. Overall scheme costs have been estimated at £2.3million, design costs being £150,000. Funding is an issue of course we will be preparing a detailed submission to LoTAG (the TfL led technical advisory group that holds central budgets), to bid for this funding. With regards to Thames Water's 'liability', we will need to make a detailed assessment of this. Whereas the reluctance of TW to take responsibility for the leaks on the bridge has delayed any longer-term repairs, the bridge's surface is naturally reaching the end of its life and many potholes will occur anyway. In short the bridge would need resurfacing anyway but we have refrained from doing this until the leakage problem has been resolved”.

Gas works on Upper Richmond Road

The road works which we have already covered in detail in our ebulletins for the past 3 months are scheduled for completion at the end of October. Dryburgh Road is now one-way from Erpingham Road to Upper Richmond Road for gas mains work. The lockable barrier at the junction of Dryburgh Road and URRd will remain open for the duration of this section of the works. Works are expected to be completed on 24 October. South Gas/Morrisions can be contacted on 8687 3510.

Local businesses on Upper Richmond Rd continue to need extra support during this difficult time for them. As a result of lobbying we were pleased to hear that the Valuation Office Agency has agreed to give a 10% reduction on the rateable value, for the duration of the gas works, to those RETAIL and RESTAURANT businesses directly affected by the gas road-works in the Upper Richmond Road, these being even numbers 204-326 and odd numbers 165 to 299 Upper Richmond Road. The reduction will be effective from 6 July and will continue for the duration of the works.

Air monitoring unit in Felsham Road
The new air monitoring equipment is being installed in Felsham Road and will begin collecting data shortly. It will work alongside the existing equipment in the High Street to provide control data, before becoming the principle source of data collection.

There are two outstanding licensing applications. The first relates to McDonalds who want a minor variation in their hours of opening. The second is from Chez Stephan at 26 Lacy Road. Stephan is a French barber and wants to follow the French tradition of offering his clients a glass of wine whilst having a haircut.

You can report any concerns or complaints about a licensed premises via the following

Highway matters
Hotham School took part in Sustran’s virtual bike race. Each time they cycled to school, pupils earned points for their school. They came 34th in this national competition with an average of 90 cyclists per day.

Gas works are also ongoing in Oxford Road until 10/10/2010 and in Montserrat Road until 11/10/2010
Further information on the roadworks can be obtained from Don Ogunyemi on 8871 6712 or email

Dog Control orders
Following some recent casework we can confirm that although the original plan was to require dogs to be on leads on the riverside except where the walk runs through parks e.g. Battersea Park and Wandsworth Park. As a result of feedback from the public consultation, this approach was changed so that dogs can be walked off the lead on the riverside walk, not just in the parks mentioned. This would include Putney Wharf and Riverside Quarter. Dogs are still required to be kept on a lead when crossing roads along the route.

Police meetings and associated matters
Like many others, your local councillors are very concerned about the lack of information from the Metropolitan Police concerning crimes in the area. Meetings have been held between councillors, representatives of the council’s Community Safety Division and the Metropolitan Police and no proper explanation has been forthcoming

All we can tell you is that a complaint has been made to the Information Commissioner to the effect that individual victims could be identified as a result of the information that was circulated. What information we don’t know and we cannot be told who made the complaint. It is a farcical state of affairs and something akin to Sir Humphrey in ‘Yes, Minister’. Information Commissioner ‘I can’t tell you about the complaint, because it would be in breach of the Data Protection Act !!!!!!’

The Thamesfield the SNT will in Putney Exchange between 4pm and 6pm on Thursday 21st October and in Putney Library between 6pm and 7pm on Wednesday 27th October

The Thamesfield Ward SNT Panel sets the priorities for the policing team to follow in addition to the standard police force priorities of robbery and burglary. The panel have recently changed the priorities to reflect the high level of criminal behaviour in the town centre:
offences of theft from pubs and restaurants,
theft of pedal cycles

To contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team - 020 8721 2434 or on 07920 233924. In an emergency always dial 999. For all other calls to the Metropolitan police please dial 0300 123 1212.

Register bikes and other valuables on to enable police to return it to you if it is stolen.

Putney Town Centre

Christmas Market
– plans are underway for this year’s Christmas market which takes place on Friday, 3 December. Retailers and food/drink outlets in Putney interested in having a stall should contact the Town Centre manager for information or call 8785 0374. The deadline for Putney independents and businesses is approaching fast after which the market will be opened up to external stall-holders. Full details of all the entertainment will be published in our November ebulletin.

Kaneshka Store has opened at 25-27 Lacy Rd (previously Farrago) selling ladies fashion & accessories with an eastern flavour. This shop is run independently and is not a chain store.

John Roberts Design, an independent kitchen and bathroom design business has opened at 38-40 Lower Richmond Road

Hiya Kids
, an independent toy shop, has moved from 157 Lower Richmond Rd to 82 Lower Richmond Road

A new estate agent serving SW London, Parkgate Estate Agents has opened at 62 Lower Richmond Road.

Point Brazil
, previously Buffet Brazil on the corner of the High Street and Weimar Street has been refurbished and is opening a new deli. They own one other outlet on Garratt Lane.

Charlotte Reid
, has opened in The Exchange selling handbags and luggage

Lloyds Pharmacy
is being refurbished and will open in the premises formerly occupied by Joy.

The Putney Exchange
is generously sponsoring 20 hanging baskets for the lamp posts in the Town Centre. The Exchange is a member of the Putney Partnership, a group actively seeking to improve the environment in the Town Centre, encourage residents to “shop locally” and to attract increased footfall and spend from visitors to Putney. The hanging baskets do much to enhance the hard surfaces in the High Street. In these challenging financial times and budget cuts we particularly value financial support from the Exchange as Putney’s single most important group of retailers in the High Street.

Markets There are weekly Friday (11am – 8pm) and Saturday (9am-4pm) market stalls in Church Square hosted by Portland Scallops selling fresh wet fish and shell fish.

Events, activities and exhibitions

Wandsworth Young Performer 2010 – young people with a passion for performance, music or arts are urged to register for the 2010 talent competition which is open to 14-19 year olds who live, go to school, a youth club or work in Wandsworth. It is an opportunity for singers, poets, dancers, musicians, bands, comedians and other performers with an act or routine to showcase their talent. Prizes include a tailored package of professional development, and for the winner, performance opportunities across the borough. Auditions take place throughout the borough, one of the audtions takes place at the Half Moon on 16 October. To register email or call 8871 8711. Details at

The council’s Home Ownership Team is hosting the Annual Affordable Housing Open Day on 7th
(Email October 2010 from 2pm to 8pm in the Civic Suite in Wandsworth High Street. Last year nearly 1,000 Wandsworth residents and key workers attended the event. The Home Ownership Team will be joined by the Housing Department, local housing associations, financial advisors and solicitors to offer help and advice to people who wish to explore the possibility of taking their first steps onto the property ladder. Further information from Sue Kelleher, Head of Professional Services Divisional Support, 0208 871-8164

The Contemporary Stitch and Felted Textiles exhibition continues in Putney Library until 16 October.

For The Half Moon’s October programme - Now producing food, there is jazz every Sunday lunchtime from 1pm and families are welcome. Every Tuesday you can join the Half Moon pub quiz in the main bar with six people per team.

The Duke’s Head
on Lower Richmond Road is offering stand-up comedy on Wednesdays. Doors open at 8pm, tickets £7 or £5 for concessions. Reservations 07966176049. There is a regular quiz night on Tuesdays at 8pm.

The sommelier at The Star & Garter has organised two wine tastings on 6 October – the Rhone Valley and on 20 October – Australia.

on Lower Richmond Road are running courses throughout October.

Eddie Catz
above Halfords has a number of classes and activities for young children featuring Halloween during October -

Wills Art Warehouse on Lower Richmond Road will be at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park from 21 – 24 October. Further details

Putney Theatre Company
at Ravenna Road, SW15 will be performing Life x 3 by Yasmina Reza from 1-2 October and from 7-9 October. The PTC Writing Workshop explores how music fires the imagination in If Music Be. Further details 8788 6943, 8944 0023 or 8286 0229

Putney Music Society meets on 4 October at 8pm in Dryburgh Hall. The speaker will be Jonathan Freeman-Attwood, Principal of the Royal Academy of music. On 18 October David Cairns, their President, guides the audience through Mozart’s comic-demonic masterpiece, “Don Giovanni”

Regular daily guided tours and “feed the birds with the wardens” take place at the WWT London Wetlands Centre. October includes several half-term activities. Details from 8409 4400 or

The Putney Leisure Centre
in Dryburgh Rd provides swimming and a full range of activities

Details about the Putney Sculpture Trail located along the river from Leaders Gardens to Wandsworth Riverside Quarter can be found via the link below together with places to eat and drink en route

If you would like to do some gardening but lack a garden consider the Garden Partners Scheme run by the Council in conjunction with Age Concern. Volunteers enter into partnership with a homeowner of 60 or more to cultivate their garden and share the produce with them. or call Sarah Jackson on 8877 8946.

The Putney Senior Social Group meets every Monday at All Saints’ Church, Putney Common between 10 and 11.30am. They offer tea and coffee and homemade cakes for the over 60s. The group started with four members a year ago and now regularly has up to 16 people in attendance. To join the group call Jo Warren on 07970 280172 for more details.

provides lunches, activities, outings and spport for the over 60s, particularly those who are isolated. It operates from The Platt Christian Centre in Felsham Road. They also have a hairdresser open three days a week to anyone over the age of 60 at very reasonable prices. They hold a cafe once a month on a Saturday open to anyone. For more information please email Mo Smith, Chair of Trustees, Regenerate-RISE at

There is a permanent exhibition about The Putney Debates 1647 in St Mary’s Church by Putney Bridge open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm

Useful Numbers:

Details of the Minor Injuries Unit at Queen Mary’s Hospital can be found online

or call 020 8487 6499/6999. Evening smear test clinics now available for women who find it difficult to get to their doctor during the day held at the Minor Injuries Unit every Tuesday from 5.30-7.30pm. The clinics are by appointment only to women registered with a Wandsworth GP. To make an appointment call 0845 6026292.

Do help us keep Thamesfield ward in good shape by reporting instances of fly tipping and graffiti as well as broken pavements and pot holes.

Waste services – including fly tipping, street cleansing, missed collections, recycling.

Tel 020 8871 8558 Email

Tel 020 8871 7479 for recycling hotline.

Graffiti removal

Tel 020 8871 7049 Email

Broken pavements, potholes etc

Tel 020 8871 6708 Email

Noise hotline Email

Tel 020 8871 6170 (during office hours)

Tel 020 8871 7869 (outside office hours)

Future Thamesfield E-bulletins
As your local councillors we send out regular e-bulletins to update you on local news, information on our work and things of interest in our local community. To join, simply email and type SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. It’s free and you can unsubscribe at any time by emailing the address below with ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line.

3 Summerstown, London, SW17 0BQ Tel. 020 8944 0378,
Promoted by Robert Morritt on behalf of Putney Conservatives, both of 3 Summerstown, London, SW17 0BQ

September 28, 2010