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Health services in Putney
Carlson House, 266 Upper Richmond Road (2010/3094)
The NHS has declared the Putney Hospital site surplus to their requirements. Their declaration can be found below

An application has been made by the JS Partnership for change of use of ground to third floors of Carlson House to primary care health unit (class D1 use) together with a single-storey rear extension. The planning officer is Neil Shaw on 8871 6632.  

We understand that the Putneymead medical centre, Balmuir Gardens surgery and the late Dr Aaron’s surgery will be located in these new premises. Carlson House is a central location well served by public transport and within close vicinity to patients attending the existing surgeries. Community services will be provided for all three surgeries out of the Eileen Lecky clinic. We will report with further news regarding the former hospital site on Putney Lower Common.

Replacement of gas mains on Upper Richmond Road
Ongoing until the end of October 2010
Works to replace the gas mains between the Ravenna Road Junction and Dryburgh Road are continuing with completion anticipated on the 31st October.
The works being carried out are to replace the 15 inch cast iron gas mains in Upper Richmond Road. The mains replacement is being undertaken as part of the national gas mains replacement programme to wrap all iron and steel mains with polyethylene plastic in accordance with health & safety legislation.

We have lobbied to try and get the work done faster than the scheduled deadline but understand that different teams of men have the expertise needed resulting in the four month scheduled time frame.

We understand that Southern Gas Network (SGN) need to carry out the mains laying in reasonably long stretches. The works near the side-road junctions involve large diameter connections which require large excavations and need to remain open for longer periods (whilst the mains are prepared for connection - in a live gas environment). There is a need to store materials, for safety zones, safety equipment and vehicles. Upper Richmond Road is part of the Transport for London Road Network and therefore the works and traffic management on this road fall under the control of TFL. The Council has been in close discussion with SGN, TFL, the Met Police, London Buses and others.

As the works progresses (from Charlwood Road working west towards Dryburgh Road) the side roads will be left open as long as possible, but many will require short term closures when the connections onto adjoining mains are being made. There will be small local diversions put in place.

Eastbound traffic on Upper Richmond Road is one-way from the junction of Dryburgh Road travelling towards Putney High Street. Local traffic can gain access westbound to Ravenna and Burston Road from Putney High Street. All non-local traffic is diverted via Tibbets Corner onto the A3 Kingston Bypass and finally turning right into Roehampton Lane (A306).

The works can be carried out 7 days a week as follows:
Monday to Friday - 8am – 10pm (no noisy works will take place after 6pm)
Saturday - 8am – 4pm (no noisy works will take place after 1pm)
Sunday - 9am – 1pm (no noisy works will take place on this day)

The Putney Partnership which promotes the interests of local businesses has been concerned about the shops along this stretch of Upper Richmond Road and the drop of custom which could result in closure of some of these businesses. We therefore organised for signs to be displayed to remind people that the Upper Richmond remains open for business and have organised additional promotion for them on the site ( PLEASE SUPPORT THESE SHOPS AND RESTAURANTS. A full list can be found via the above link.

Three TfL bus routes are diverted: 337, 430 and N74. Up to date information on each of these bus routes can be found at

Further information on the roadworks can be obtained from Don Ogunyemi on 8871 6712 or email Southern Gas can be contacted via their engineers, Morrisons on 020 8687 3510. The TfL contact is Hayley James, 020 3054 2390

The third phase will take place after Christmas to undertake the final section from Keswick Road to West Hill and will involve similar traffic management issues.


Bus routes serving Putney
Cllr Torrington recently toured Putney bus garage. Staff there constantly monitor each individual bus as it progresses along its route. We sometimes receive comments that buses on a particular route are subject to early terminations. This is usually due to road works or an accident that has caused traffic hold-ups. A bus can be terminated early if another bus on the same route is following close behind. Usually this is after a delay of 15-20 minutes and following discussion with the driver. In these circumstances passengers should be given a ticket by the conductor of the terminating bus for use on the bus behind so that no further payment is needed. If you are experiencing regular early terminations on a particular route (whether or not they are operated by Putney bus garage) please email

The performance of each route can be found at 

Another concern has been air pollution generated by buses on Putney High Street. The stop outside the station is used for the change over of drivers. When this happens the engine should not be left idling. The outgoing driver should switch off the engine and it should only be switched on again when the new driver is due to set off. Please let us know if you are aware of buses idling for extended periods as a result of a driver change over.

The refuelling and bus washing area are both located at the entrance to the bus garage on Chelverton Road. During periods of high activity such as at 11pm onwards when some routes terminate and return to the garage this can generate queues backing up onto the High Street. It should only take 4-5 minutes to refuel a bus. Again, let us know of any problems. The internal areas in the bus garage are situated well away from the entrance behind the houses at the far end of Chelverton Road so these are used as a parking area for the early returning buses overnight and aren’t suitable for other uses.

It’s worth being aware that many buses have TfL CCTV cameras on board to monitor bus lane use. Internal CCTV is monitored by the bus operator and does much to reduce crime on board. The cash-free Oyster system has also reduced crime. Bus drivers themselves are monitored to establish how well they are driving. The name of any driver who regularly brakes sharply or drives at speed appears on a weekly list and he/she is offered help to improve his or her driving skills.

Seven routes are operated by Putney bus garage: 14, 22, 74, 424, 430, N22 and N74. The garage also controls routes 39 and 485 although the buses are based at Merton. The garage supplies the afternoon school run bus to Jean Paul II school – route 670. Over time we would like to see the bus garage site developed in the same way as the Exchange although a suitable alternative garage site would need to be found nearby for the buses.

TfL is working to develop technology to allow passengers to obtain information about services by text message or the internet. In the meantime, count-down provides this data although the technology is becoming increasingly outdated.

Air monitoring units in Putney
Funding has been obtained to install a permanent air quality monitoring station in Felsham Road. The electricity supply has been put in and the delivery date of the unit is imminent. The temporary (kerb side) air quality monitoring station in Putney High Street has been in place for a year and is providing some very useful real time data to facilitate an apportionment project starting in November to ascertain the contribution from buses, lorries, taxies, etc. Monitoring will continue at this temporary station for a further 12 months.


Recycling facility in Felsham Road (opposite the side of TKMaxx)
During our survey earlier this year recycling was the topic that elicited the greatest number of responses. Cllr Torrington lobbied for a recycling site in the town centre and this is due to open by the end of September. It is designed for cardboard, food and drink cans, mixed glass, plastic bottles, food & drink cartons and newspapers & magazines. Any residents, and particularly those who live in a flat with limited space to store orange sacks, will be able to deposit the above items in the recycling facility throughout the week. The central location should be more convenient for commuters and shoppers. As it is a residential area the recycling bank should be used only between 8am and 8pm.

Batteries can be recycled in the Library and some High Street shops, light bulbs can be recycled at Ryness in the High Street and several shoe shops recycle shoes and opticians recycle spectacles. Charity shops on the High Street take books, CDs, DVD, bric-a-brac etc. Mobile phones and inkjet cartridges can be sent free of charge to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home for recycling and this helps them to raise funds - Other items such as electrical appliances, can be recycled at Smugglers Way or Cringle Street – further details

The Felsham Road facility is in addition to those in Leaders’ Gardens and Dryburgh Leisure Centre.


Putney High Street paving
Work is nearing completion on Phase I and Phase II of the repaving of Putney High Street. Satisfactory pilots have been run in two locations in the High Street to complete the work where the basement covers have not been finished. The remainder of the High Street will be done in the next few weeks. Funding for Phase III which will cover the area between Upper Richmond Road and Disraeli Road / Norroy Road, outside Putney Station has been agreed and the design work is under way. This area incorporates the station forecourt and the area where the buses stop and driver change-overs occur and there is a complex range of needs.


Gas mains replacement work continues in Oxford Road until 10 September.

Putney station
Network Rail has recently confirmed that platforms 2 and 4 will be lengthened at Putney station. We understand that the date of delivery of the platform extensions is 2011.  The South West Trains' franchise is obliged to lengthen their trains to 10 coaches on the Windsor route.  However, SWT have still not agreed with the Department for Transport how they will procure the extra coaches to lengthen the trains. It is doubtful whether any decision will be made until after the comprehensive spending review announcement on 20 October.

We have been lobbying for AirTrack, the new Heathrow service, to have a Putney stop. The service would run from Waterloo via Clapham Junction, Richmond and Staines to Heathrow.


River transport
Putney Pier and Wandsworth Riverside Quarter
The river continues to provide an uncongested and pleasant way to get to work during the summer. Boats depart Monday to Friday from Putney pier at 6.20am, 7.30am and 8.00am and five minutes later from the pier at Wandsworth Riverside Quarter. There are stops at Chelsea Harbour, Cheyne Walk, Embankment and Blackfriars roughly 50 minutes later. Fast Thames Clipper connections operate from Blackfriars east toward London Bridge and Canary Wharf.

Three evening services return to Putney and WRQ leaving Blackfriars at 17.20pm, 18.25pm and 19.10pm. For further details and service updates see

Putney Bridge
The floodlights on the bridge piers were repaired a few weeks ago. There are a few missing floodlights on the bridge abutments which were stolen and will be replaced as soon as they are received from the lighting company. A second phase of works was being carried out at the end of August during high tides to repair the under arch floodlights. The floodlighting will be switched on when the work is complete and all the parts arrive and have been fitted.

The Council has been continuing to press Thames Water Utilities (TWU) about the leaks which are undermining the road surface and need to be remedied before resurfacing the bridge. TWU have given assurances that they will undertake full testing of all the six water mains that run across the bridge to locate any leaks which will need to be repaired. We continue to press the urgency of this problem with TWU.

Planning matters

Putney Embankment and Deodar Road
Consultation on conservations area character statements -
The Council is commencing public consultation on the draft conservation area appraisals and management strategies for these two conservation areas. There are also suggested options for boundary amendments to rectify the anomalies in Putney Embankment Conservation Area. Consultation leaflets are being sent to residents in these conservation areas outlining the options.

As both areas are in close proximity to each other there will be a public meeting to discuss both conservation areas on Thursday 16th September from 7.00pm in the Brewer Building Hall of St Mary's Church, Putney High Street. Everyone is very welcome. Dave Clark, Senior Planner from the Conservation & Design Group is leading the discussions and he can be contacted on 020 8871 6612.

The consultations drafts can be downloaded:
Deodar Road -

Putney Embankment -

Tote House, 74 Upper Richmond Road (corner of Woodlands Way and URRd) (2010/2916)
An application has been made by Wicklow Enterprises Ltd to demolish the existing building and put up a part 4, part 8 and part 11 storey hotel containing 140 rooms and associated restaurant and bar. Off-street servicing and some limited parking is also provided. Although the scheme is in East Putney, it is near the boundary not far from Disraeli and Fawe Park Roads on the opposite side of the railway line. The planning officer is Rosalynn Claxton on 8871 8410.

Tileman House, Upper Richmond Road (2010/3019)
An application has been received in respect of Tileman House to renew the 2005 permission. This involves the demolition of existing offices and retention of attached residential block. The erection of a new building up to ten-storeys comprising 2403sq.m of commercial/retail space at ground, mezzanine and first floor levels with 40 residential units above. Formation of basement parking accessed from Upper Richmond Road. The retention, refurbishment and alteration to existing service core and attached residential building (comprising 18 existing flats of which 10 will be affordable units). Erection of additional floor over the retained building. (Renewal of p.p. granted 15.9.2005 ref. 2005/0175.) The consultation continues until 9 September although all representations up until the date of the planning committee will be taken into consideration. The planning officer is Elma Vreken 8871 8411.

8 Lower Common South. (2010/3251)
Plans have now been submitted for a three storey house plus basement to replace the demolished house. These can be compared with the previously approved plans under 2009/4446. Please feel free to copy us into any representations made in response to the consultation. The planning officer is Laura Nieves 8871 8417.
In terms of the unauthorised demolition, the onus is on the owner to comply with the planning and building controls regulations that apply particularly those that apply in a conservation area. The planning committee considered a report on the case at their August meeting (report - In this case no demolition notice had been served for demolition of the entire house nor had conservation area consent to demolish the house been obtained, (nor would it have been granted). The property holds a prominent position on the Common in the Putney Lower Common Conservation area. The planning committee authorised the borough solicitor to look at instigating criminal proceedings.

A Planning Enforcement Officer has undertaken an extensive photographic survey of the site and has established that the vast majority of the bricks and other architectural features have been retained, cleaned and stored and these will be used in a replacement house on the site.  The Conservation area character statement (p20 covers Putney Lower Common) is available at

Planning website
We are aware that there has been intermittent access to the Council website recently and that this has been frustrating for those seeking to download plans or comment on planning applications. The system is currently being replaced and should be fully operational within the near future. If you are trying unsuccessfully to obtain plans please either call or email the planning officer direct and they will email you the plans. Many of the more complex and contentious applications will not be considered by the Planning committee until the September meeting on 16 September to give residents ample time to comment.


Licensing policy statement
Consultation is ongoing until 10 September on the licensing policy. It can be downloaded from

There have been no recent applications in Thamesfield. You can r eport any concerns or complaints about a licensed premises via the following


Dog Control orders – now in force
Dog Control Orders officially come into force on 26 July and signs have now been installed across the borough so that dog owners are alerted to the new rules in oepration . The main change is the introduction of poop and scoop rules across the entire borough. Dogs also need to be kept on a lead whilst being walked anywhere on the public highway in residential streets and town centres. In parks and open spaces some areas will continue to be designated as dog free areas (as previously) but dogs must also be kept on leads in specific areas such as outdoor eating areas. Most responsible dog owners already follow these straightforward and sensible rules and prevent their pets from causing problems.

In Thamesfield “poop scoop” and “dogs on lead” regulations apply on Putney Lower Common Cemetery and St Mary’s Church. Dogs are banned in specific areas of Leader’s Gardens and Wandsworth Park. These include the playgrounds and tennis courts. There is also a ban throughout Putney Leisure Centre and on Waterman’s Green. Dogs need to be on leads in the seating area in front of the Culture Café in Wandsworth Park. Dogs need NOT be on leads on the Riverside Walk or elsewhere in Wandsworth Park or in Leaders Gardens although these areas are “poop scoop” areas throughout. For more information please see

Police meetings in September
The Thamesfield SNT (Safer Neighbourhood Team) have two meetings scheduled for September.
A public meeting on 28 September from 19:00 to 20:30 at St Mary’s Church, Putney High Street and a drop-in surgery on 29 September from 18:00 to 19:00 at Putney Library, Disraeli Road.

The Thamesfield Ward SNT Panel sets the priorities for the policing team to follow in addition to the standard police force priorities of robbery and burglary. The panel have recently changed the priorities to reflect the high level of criminal behaviour in the town centre:

Offences of theft from pubs and restaurants
Theft of pedal cycles.

The levels of burglary in Thamesfield ward are worryingly high and residents are urged to help themselves by making sure that all their doors and windows are secure. If you want advice on domestic home security please contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team (details below)

There has been a marked increase in thefts of mobile phones and handbags from pubs and bars. The majority of victims seemed surprised that you can’t leave valuable items unattended on a table while going to the bar without running the risk of having them stolen. PLEASE KEEP VALUABLE ITEMS WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES

It still happens that people spend more than £1000 on a new bike and less than a fiver on a tatty padlock and chain. If you have an expensive bike then the security is equally important.

To contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team - 020 8721 2434 or on 07920 233924. In an emergency always dial 999. For all other calls to the Metropolitan police please dial 0300 123 1212.

Register bikes and other valuables on to enable police to return it to you if it is stolen.

Events and activities
Details of the autumn term courses at Putney School of Art & Design can be found at

Enoteca on the High Street is organising a wine tasting dinner exploring the sangiovese grape with food from Tuscany on 21 September at 7.00pm with dinner at 7.30pm. They will cover wines such as Brunello di Montalcino, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Chianti Classico and the Supertuscans. Reservations

London Open House takes place on the weekend of 18/19 September Several Wandsworth properties as well as those in Fulham and Richmond adjoining Thamesfield will be open. In Thamesfield Brandlehow School and All Saints’ Church will be part of Open House.

The Annual Putney Gala Ball 2010 takes place on Saturday 25th September at St Mary’s Church. This is a community-wide event aimed at raising funds for the Putney parish, local and international charities. The evening includes a three course meal, live band and celebrity hosted auction. Tickets cost £40 online at

For The Half Moon’s September programme - Now producing food, there is jazz every Sunday lunchtime from 1pm and families are welcome. Every Tuesday you can join the Half Moon pub quiz in the main bar with six people per team.

The Duke’s Head on Lower Richmond Road is offering stand-up comedy on Wednesdays. Doors open at 8pm, tickets £7 or £5 for concessions. Reservations 07966176049. There is a regular quiz night on Tuesdays at 8pm.

The sommelier at The Star & Garter has organised two wine tastings on 8 September – cheese and wine matching and on 22 September – step by step analysing wine.

Cakes4Fun on Lower Richmond Road are running courses throughout September.

Eddie Catz above Halfords has a number of classes and activities for young children starting this September -

Wills Art Warehouse on Lower Richmond Road has an exhibition of art inspired by urban life opening 11 September. Further details

Putney Theatre Company at Ravenna Road, SW15 will be performing The Children’s Hour by Lillian Hellman from 14 to 18 September. The Cygnet Players present Rent by Jonathan Larson from 22-25 September. Further details 8788 6943, 8944 0023 or 8286 0229

Putney Music Society meets on 20 September at 8pm in Dryburgh Hall. The speaker will be the composer, Carl Davis.

The Putney Society’s meeting on 23 September will cover Wandsworth’s Victorian cemeteries starting at 7.30pm in the Brewer Building.

Regular daily guided tours and “feed the birds with the wardens” take place at the WWT London Wetlands Centre. September features a new rain garden and bat walks. Details from 8409 4400 or

The Putney Leisure Centre in Dryburgh Rd provides swimming and a full range of activities

Details about the Putney Sculpture Trail located along the river from Leaders Gardens to Wandsworth Riverside Quarter can be found via the link below together with places to eat and drink en route

If you would like to do some gardening but lack a garden consider the Garden Partners scheme run by the Council in conjunction with Age Concern. Volunteers enter into partnership with a homeowner of 60 or more to cultivate their garden and share the produce with them. or call Sarah Jackson on 8877 8946.

The Putney Senior Social Group meets every Monday at All Saints’ Church, Putney Common between 10 and 11.30am. They offer tea and coffee and homemade cakes for the over 60s. The group started with four members a year ago and now regularly has up to 16 people in attendance. To join the group call Jo Warren on 07970 280172 for more details.

Regenerate-RISE provides lunches, activities, outings and spport for the over 60s, particularly those who are isolated. It operates from The Platt Christian Centre in Felsham Road. They also have a hairdresser open three days a week to anyone over the age of 60 at very reasonable prices.  They hold a cafe once a month on a Saturday open to anyone. For more information please email Mo Smith, Chair of Trustees, Regenerate-RISE at

There is a permanent exhibition about The Putney Debates 1647 in St Mary’s Church by Putney Bridge open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm


Putney Town Centre

Gourmet Burrito
is a new take away at 220 Upper Richmond Road providing Mexican burritos and tacos.

Favourite Chicken Ribs is now operating at 52 Lower Richmond Road.

Guillochon Gallery , a temporary art gallery, has opened in the Exchange.

Preto, a Brazilian restaurant, is due to open at the end of August in the former Real Greek on the High Street.

My Way, a sandwich shop is due to open in early September in the premises formerly occupied by ID Hair on the High Street.

Lloyds Pharmacy is being refurbished and will open in the premises formerly occupied by Joy.

Christmas Market – plans are underway for this year’s Christmas market which takes place on Friday, 3 December. Retailers and food/drink outlets in Putney interested in having a stall should contact the Town Centre manager for information or call 8785 0374.

The Putney Exchange is generously sponsoring 20 hanging baskets for the lamp posts in the Town Centre. The Exchange is a member of the Putney Partnership, a group actively seeking to improve the environment in the Town Centre, encourage residents to “shop locally” and to attract increased footfall and spend from visitors to Putney. The hanging baskets do much to enhance the hard surfaces in the High Street. In these challenging financial times and budget cuts we particularly value financial support from the Exchange as Putney’s single most important group of retailers in the High Street.

Markets: There are weekly Friday (11am – 8pm) and Saturday (9am-4pm) market stalls in Church Square hosted by Portland Scallops selling fresh wet fish and shell fish now joined by a specialist cheese stall and a stall selling fresh flowers.


Useful Numbers

Do help us keep Thamesfield ward in good shape by reporting instances of fly tipping and graffiti as well as broken pavements and pot holes.

Waste services including fly tipping, street cleansing, missed collections, recycling.

Tel 020 8871 8558 Email

Tel 020 8871 7479 for recycling hotline.

Graffiti removal

Tel 020 8871 7049 Email

Broken pavements, pot holes etc

Tel 020 8871 6708 Email

Noise hotline Email

Tel 020 8871 6170 (during office hours)

Tel 020 8871 7869 (outside office hours)

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Edward Lister, Jim Maddan and Rosemary Torrington

August 24, 2010